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cm punk bryan danielson

Bryan Danielson reveals AJ Styles and Jon Moxley made him want to wrestle again after retiring

AEW Star Bryan Danielson has revealed that a match between AJ Styles and Jon Moxley is what inspired him to get himself cleared and wrestle again after retiring from WWE. The former WWE Champion was forced to retire in 2015 due to injuries caused by concussions, just a year after winning the WWE Championship in … Read more
Bret Hart Goldberg

Bret Hart calls Brock Lesnar a “Good Worker”, shoots on Goldberg

Bret Hart has continued his long-time rivalry with Goldberg, while also complimenting current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The former WWE and WCW Champion was forced to retire in 2000 after he was kicked in the head by Goldberg, and he has never forgiven Goldberg, who has never been overly apologetic to the Canadian wrestler. Bret … Read more
HHH last match

Triple H Reveals Retirement From Wrestling With Shocking Last Match Ever

WWE Legend Triple H has officially announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The 52 year old 14 time WWE champion has been out of action in WWE both in front and behind the screen after a cardiac event in September 2021 sent him to hospital. However, in a recent interview, he has revealed the full … Read more
bianca carelli

Who is Bianca Carelli? NXT’s newest signing is a second generation superstar

The newest signing by NXT is Bianca Carelli. The Canadian athlete has signed a deal with WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, and has reported to the WWE Performance Centre to begin her training to be a WWE superstar. Whilst the name Bianca Carelli may not be familiar to the WWE audience just yet, her father is … Read more
The Undertaker Hall of Fame

The Undertaker reveals WWE offered him Hall of Fame spot after Wrestlemania 30

The Undertaker has revealed that he was offered a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame after his loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. In an interview with Dallas Morning News, the WWE Legend revealed that this year was the second time he had been offered the WWE Hall of Fame induction by WWE. … Read more

Will John Cena return to WWE in 2022?

Summerslam was the last time fans saw John Cena in WWE. He lost to “the tribal chief” Roman Reigns, failing to win the Universal Championship. But will John Cena return to WWE in 2022? Is he going to wrestle any time soon? The star attraction of the new movie “The Suicide Squad” has not been … Read more

Top 10 Greatest WWE Entrance Music Of All Time

Music in pro wrestling has a crucial role. It helps to build a wrestler’s character and make them more recognizable. In addition, it is an element that examines their popularity and success, among many other factors. Without further ado, we are sure that legends such as The Rock, The Undertaker, and John Cena would not … Read more

Why Does Brock Lesnar Live in Canada?

Fans of WWE will know The Beast Brock Lesnar as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. The former UFC Champion from South Dakota is an 11-time World Champion, with 10 reigns in WWE and a single IWGP Heavyweight Champion run in NJPW in the mid 2000s. Every since his debut in WWE … Read more
nick khan

Who is Nick Khan? The WWE President behind mass superstar firings

Nick Khan, WWE President Lots of changes in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) lately have been tied to the growing power of Nick Khan within the Company. Vince McMahon is highly selective about how Vince trusts form the wrestling element of booking to the Company’s finances decisions. Most WWE fans knew of Tony Khan (the current … Read more

William Regal on the match that sold Vince McMahon on Daniel Bryan

William Regal revealed that it was his match with Daniel Bryan on WWE Superstars that helped convince Vince McMahon of Daniel Bryan’s credentials as a top heel in WWE. He spoke to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho about that period in his life, and how he demanded that match with Bryan (real name Bryan … Read more

William Regal reveals truth behind Chris Benoit match at Brian Pillman Memorial

Legend has it that it was the Chris Benoit vs William Regal match that was the turnaround for William Regal and it got him back in WWE’s good graces. Stories have been told about “the best match ever”, as Les Thatcher called it, being the catalyst for Regal proving his sobriety and earning himself another … Read more
Kevin Nash reveals incredible moment he knew WWE would beat WCW

Kevin Nash reveals incredible moment he knew WWE would beat WCW

Kevin Nash was one of the biggest stars in WWE and WCW in the 1990s. The seven foot tall former basketball player became the WWE Champion in 1994 as the alpha male, biker called Diesel. Big Daddy Cool main evented multiple WWE shows until his contract ran out in 1995, and he moved over to … Read more

WWE Worst Name Changes Of All Time

What do you think is WWE worst name change of all time? Keep reading to find out if your answer made it into this article. In WWE, a name can be everything. It helps show the audience who your character is and what you are about, and in certain instances can make or break your … Read more
Andre the giant last match

WWE Legends Last Match You Never Saw Before

What do you think is the best WWE legends last match of all time? A wrestlers final match is also an emotional one. Watch a WWE legends last match as he rides of into the sunset, never to grace out TV screens again, can be a hard thing to watch. Some wrestlers can’t stay away, … Read more
brock lesnar retires

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Officially Announces Retirement from UFC

WWE Champion Brock Lesar has official announcement his retirement from UFC and MMA today. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion is a legend in the Octogon and is one of the most dominant fighters the division has ever seen. In an interview with Post Wrestling before his WWE Champion defence against Austin Theory in Madison Square … Read more

HUGE UPDATE on Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania Match

There has been a huge update regarding a potential Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania match at Wrestlemania 38. It was previously reported that Austin was supposed to have his first match in 19 years, taking on Kevin Owens in one of the main events of Wrestlemania 38. It would have been one of the biggest … Read more

Triple H returning to WWE Wrestling “Not Gonna Happen. No Way!”

Triple H returning to WWE in an in-ring role seems to be almost an impossibility, according to wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. The Wrestling Observer writer spoke on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio to Death of WCW Author Bryan Alvarez about the possibility of a Triple H return, and his answers were very bleak. … Read more
vince mcmahon last match

Vince McMahon’s Last Match Ever at Wrestlemania 38?

Despite being 76 years old, we could be seeing Vince McMahon’s last match at Wrestlemania 38. Post Wrestling are reporting that the Charmain of WWE could be stepping into the ring one final time at Wrestlemania on the 2nd and 3rd of April. Vince McMahon’s last match before this upcoming Wrestlemania came 10 years ago. … Read more

Wrestlers you never knew challenged for the ECW Championship

We all know the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam and the Sandman as being some of the great ECW Champions. Many other men, from Jimmy Snuka from Ezekiel Jackson, have held the gold (and later horrible, horrible silver) from 1992 to it’s ultimate death in 2010. All sorts of stars of the 1990s … Read more
Antonio Cesaro vs William Regal (Atletifo.com)

Vince McMahon: Cesaro wasn’t a main eventer “Because he’s Swiss”

Vince McMahon says Cesaro was not good enough to be WWE Champion, and one of the reasons was “because he’s Swiss!” Vince McMahon’s opinions on Cesaro were no secret. It was clear that he never saw the Swiss Superman as a main event talent and that his ceiling was being stuck in the tag team … Read more

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