10 Antonio Inoki facts you will never believe are really true!

Hamish Woodward

Antonio Inoki passed away in October 2022, ending the life of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. In ...

The worst things Dynamite Kid ever did during his wrestling career

Hamish Woodward

Dynamite Kid, celebrated for his in-ring prowess, also left behind a trail of controversy and regret. As we delve into ...

5 Wrestlers who died under suspicious circumstances

Hamish Woodward

Professional wrestling is a sport that sees a lot of its athletes dying early, whether that is through injury, illness ...

Wrestlers who died in the craziest ways possible

Hamish Woodward

There are a number of crazy ways that wrestlers have died young, some much more insane than others. Pro wrestling ...

10 Best technical wrestlers in the world today (2024)

Hamish Woodward

There has been a renaissance of technical wrestling in recent years, with the classic style of wrestling becoming popular among ...

Minoru Suzuki’s Best Matches In AEW, Ranked Worst To Best

Hamish Woodward

Minoru Suzuki was one of the first men to cross the Forbidden Door into AEW, crashing into the company in ...

WrestleMania X7 was the real end of the Attitude Era

Hamish Woodward

The Attitude Era is the most fondly remembered era in WWE history, and for very good reason. Each week, tens ...

Rob Van Dam was fired by WWE after arrest cost him WWE Championship reign

Hamish Woodward

Rob Van Dam left the WWE in 2007, despite getting the push of his life as the dual WWE and ...

Every MJF AEW World Championship defense rated

Hamish Woodward

At Full Gear 2022, Maxwell Jacob Friedman won his first World Championship in AEW. MJF was already one of the ...

How Many Times Has Cody Rhodes Beaten Seth Rollins?

Hamish Woodward

Seth Rollins has wrestled Cody Rhodes many times since the latter’s return to the WWE in 2022. Cody Rhodes answered ...

Cody Rhodes on the ropes after hearing his wwe entrance theme say "Wrestling Has More Than One Royal Family"

Who Is In Cody Rhodes “Wrestling Royal Family”?

Hamish Woodward

Wrestling has more than one Royal Family. The prelude to Cody Rhodes entrance theme in both WWE and AEW is ...

Father and son wrestlers who won the world championship in their career

Hamish Woodward

There are a number of sons who joined their fathers in the wrestling business, but only a select few of ...

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