New features for TEW 2024 that we need to see for the next game

Hamish Woodward

It’s been three years since Greydog Software released the latest instalment in their Total Extreme Wrestling series.

TEW 2020 is the latest iteration of the hit pro-wrestling booking simulator, which gives players the task of running their own wrestling company.

The series is known as the most in-depth booking simulator available on the market. With an incredibly dedicated fanbase, the game has one of the most comprehensive list of mods on the market.

With these incredible TEW 2020 mods, the game gives you the chance to manage a wrestling company throughout any time period in history.

Whether it be the Hulk Hogan years in the WWF in the 1980s, the Monday Nights wars of the late 1990s or a variety of modern-day mods, there are untold stories still to be told in TEW 2020.

This is why fans are so excited about the next instalment in the series, and to see what improvements and features will be added in Total Extreme Wrestling.

With no new title announced for 2023, it is likely that Total Extreme Wrestling 2024 will be the next edition of the game. No information has been announced for TEW 2024, although I’m sure the team at Greydog Software is cooking up another incredible sequel.

So, lets discuss what are the new features in TEW 2024 that we ned to see. Tell us what you think after reading the article, and tell us which new features you’d like to see in the latest Total Extreme Wrestling game.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2024 New Features

Here are some of the new features that would make TEW 2024 the best game in the series yet;

  • Cross-promotion shows – the ability to have a co-branded show, like AEW & NJPW’s Forbidden Door show, or when NJPW partnered with WCW to run shows in North Korea.
  • Hometown boosts – workers should get better ratings in their hometowns, mirroring the huge pops they get during these shows. Matches like Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns in Montreal exemplify this, with the perception of the match quality going up due to crowd involvement.
  • Wrestlers affecting attendance – CM Punk’s debut on AEW Rampage was one of AEW’s biggest crowds ever. The game needs to reflect hometown heroes like this, and have them affect attendance. Which leads on to…
  • Debuts – a debuting wrestler should get a higher rating, due to the shock and surprise. This could also be built up as a feature in-game over many shows, with a disappointing reveal doing a bad rating in the eyes of the fans (like Tito Ortiz debut in TNA).
  • Updates to how the game works to make it in line with the reality of modern wrestling – Child companies like ROH not being able to trade workers temporarily or even share workers at the same time is unrealistic.
  • Booking tag teams on house shows – We need to be able to test out different tag team matches on house shows, and not just see if the two wrestlers have chemistry with their partners.
  • Nostalgia bonus – an old wrestler returning for one last match should get a boost in ticket sales and match ratings (think Keiji Mutoh’s retirement tour, or Ric Flair’s last match).
  • Pre-booking venues – let us decide where the show will be held weeks before, and build a touring schedule to make the most of the fanbase and save on production costs.

These are just some of the new features TEW 2024 needs to have. Tell us in the comments which new feature you’d most like to see in the next edition of Total Extreme Wrestling.

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