TEW 2020 Tips and Guides for New Players and Beginners

Hamish Woodward

TEW 2020 is the premier wrestling booking simulator. You can take control of seemingly any company in wrestling history, and change history as much as you like.

However, don’t think it’s easy. The game be very difficult and overwhelming as a new player.

The amount of menu’s and buttons, of which a lot seem like they are completely irrelevant. For some, it could seem so overwhelming that they may quit before they’ve even finished checking out their roster.

Luckily, I have some tips for beginners in TEW 2020 to help them guide themselves in the early days of TEW 2020.

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TEW 2020 Top Tips for Beginners

Find a Company to suit your style

Finding a company that suits your style is an important tip to starting your TEW 2020 save. It’s important to find a company that compliments the way you want to book, so you can create your vision of what your wrestling company can be.

The different types of products affect a number of things in game. The product affects things like how many matches per show the fans will expect, and what match types the fans will enjoy watching.

For example, the Silver Age product means that fans expect TV shows to have 85% matches on their cards. This means they want more matches and fewer angles, and as such would want better in ring talent than sports entertainers.

In comparison, if we look at for example the Extreme Hardcore product, the fans expect more hardcore and dangerous matches.

Also in this product, the matches are rated more closely to 50/50 for popularity/in ring ability. This means a top worker with little popularity can achieve much higher match ratings than they would be able to in a company like WWE.

There are over 50 product settings for you to choose from, so it’s important to look through them to see which one suits your needs. If you want to manage a company like WWE, the product settings will be set similar to the show in real life.

This means that you’ll be able to get a gauge on how to run the company without looking too much in depth. As a first time player, I recommend finding the product which best suits your booking style and run with it. This runs into my next point, which is:

Start Small

Starting small is one of the best TEW 2020 tips out there.

Starting out as a big company when you don’t know what you’re doing can be disastrous. While you may think that booking WWE will be easy. However, once you get down to it you’ll realise it’s just too much.

Having to book Raw, Smackdown, 205 live plus main event and Superstars can get time consuming and tedious. In addition, keeping track of the over 100 superstars and feuds for both brands is much more difficult than it seems.

Starting small can help you really understand how the game works. Booking a small, 1 hour show per month with a few wrestlers you know will let you experiment much more than if you were booking Monday Night Raw.

It will give you time to feel out the game. Time to feel out all the settings and see what works and what doesn’t.

More importantly, you won’t have the threat of the TV companies telling you they’re disappointed in the ratings. Booking big companies which NEED to get a certain standard of show adds a lot of pressure. You can fold under that pressure if you’re not prepared for it.

If you’re booking small show, with just events, then all that matters is making money. If you have a bad show, with low ratings and doesn’t increase your popularity, then thats fine.

You’ll have another chance next month to impress. But if you’re haemorrhaging money, you won’t get that chance again. When starting small, focus on the money over the ratings.

Plan out your feuds

This TEW 2020 tip is one that will keep your game fresher and interesting for longer. We’ve all watched WWE, where plans seem to change overnight.

At times, there have been no long term storylines with good payoffs, so with no reason to follow, people have dropped off from watching. If people don’t want to watch something just pulled out on the fly, then it won’t be much fun booking it either, right?

Planning and keeping track of your feuds is key. I’m not talking planning out everything minute by minute and just copy pasting it into the angle creator. That’s as boring as not planning.

And I’m not saying you have to stick rigidly to your plans. If you’re planning to give Adam Cole the AEW title, but Adam Page has been pulling out great matches and has a hot new catchphrase the audience loves, then it’s great to pivot over to him! It’s your game, so don’t feel boxed in by your plans.

However, having a rough plan for your feuds is a top tip. I like to plan my big show a year in advance at least.

I recommend deciding who’s going to be main eventing and fighting for your main championships at that show. That way, you have a year to tell an interesting story and really build up to a great match.

You need to make sure your feuds are hot too, so a long term, planned out feud will garner you the best ratings.


My favourite save ever was a 2009 mod in TEW 2016.

Managing my own custom company, PWX, I had a two year arch that started with Colin Delaney (yes, the guy from the ECW reboot) going from mid-card jobber to main eventing my version of Wrestlemania.

But it didn’t happen exactly as planned. What was meant to be Delaney versus the Rock turned into a triple threat, adding Tyler Black (AEW’s Seth Rollins) into the mix.

Black had impressed in a 6 month feud with Delaney, so earned his shot in the main event. The reason it was so fun was the long term planning I had, and watching the trio pull out a 100 rated match in the main event was beautiful to watch.

Utilise resources outside the game

Ever logged onto TEW, saved your game, went to book your show and had absolutely no clue what you were planning? Because I have, constantly.

It can seriously derail a save, and you’ll realise 3 shows in that you meant to push this guys who’s just jobbed out on the pre show.

Utilising resources outside of TEW 2020 is a top tip for beginners. The number one resource you can use is a simple spreadsheet. Even just keeping a list of your wrestlers, how you’re pushing them and who they’re feuding with will help you immensely in keeping track of your roster.

If you’re managing a multi-brand company like WWE, this is crucial into keeping some semblance of order. One reddit user shared this spreadsheet they created for TEW 2016, to give you some idea of where to go.

There are programs which can automatically export your save data into a spreadsheet to make tracking your save game a breeze. However it can be tricky to set up, so read the instructions carefully.

Click here to check out the reddit thread where you can download the TEW Booking Tracker 2.0 – Now with Fully Automated Setup!

Picture Packs

Downloading a picture pack is one of the simplest, most obvious one, but for me makes the biggest tip. If you can’t get immersed in your game then you’ll find it hard to carry on into the years. Picture packs add so much to the immersion, and to me are crucial to your experience as a booker.

If you’re booking a historical mod, then finding a picture make may seem like a lot of effort. You may decide to just go pictureless. This is a bad idea.

You won’t be able to picture your wrestlers, personally, without having that little window showing what they look like. You may even find a hidden gem, whose name and stats don’t stand out to you, but their picture makes you want to book them.

I even find that if the worker has a bad picture, I’m less inclined to book them as well, because I don’t like the look of them. It may be shallow but that is the truth, so get the best picture pack you can to keep it immersive.

It will increase the fun of the game, and is one of my TEW 2020 top tips for beginners.

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