WWE Hot Takes! – Atletifo Wrestling Podcast

Matt Williams

WWE Hot Takes! - Atletifo Wrestling Podcast

The tenth episode of the Atletifo Wrestling Podcast is now available on Spotify!

In this episode, we start by giving our thoughts on the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, before revealing our most controversial wrestling hot takes! Is Goldberg the GOAT? Should men and women fight more often? Is the brand split best for business?

After that, Hamish takes over the hosting duties for ‘Perfect Ten-Sai’, our wrestling game where players must complete top 10 lists! How many answers can you get right?

And finally, Tayab resumes his dramatic reading of ‘To Be Loved’, a wrestling fanfic we found online. How far will Undertaker and Shawn Michaels go this time?

Listen to ‘WWE Hot Takes’ here!

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