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Hamish Woodward

will ospreay five star match

Will Ospreay Breaks Five-Star Matches Record With Kenny Omega Match

Will Ospreay has broken Mistahura Misawa’s record for the most 5+ star matches in wrestling history. The English star registered his 26th five-star match on that scale at Forbidden Door, when he beat Kenny Omega in a match rated 6-stars by Dave Meltzer. This puts him one above Mitsuharu Misawa, the Japanese legend who died ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay vs Ricky Knight Jr

Will Ospreay vs Ricky Knight Jr Awarded 5 Star Rating By Dave Meltzer

Revolution Pro Wrestling’s 10th Anniversary show saw long time British Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay vs Ricky Knight Jr in an incredible main event. Dave Meltzer even awarded the championship match a 5 star rating in the Wrestling Observer. The bout took place at Rev Pro’s Ten Year Anniversary – Night 2 and was just one of ...

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