Why did AEW fire CM Punk?

The Complete Story Behind CM Punk Being Fired By AEW

CM Punk fans were frustrated to see the former AEW Champion fired from the company following AEW All In 2023. ...

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why did aew fire brian kendrick

Brian Kendrick Was Fired By AEW For Crazy Conspiracy Theories

When AEW announced Brian Kendrick was going to wrestle Jon Moxley, fans were extatic. Hours later, he was fired. What ...

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AEW cancelled the CM Punk vs KENTA match that was teased for years

AEW have cancelled the planned KENTA vs CM Punk match at Forbidden Door, despite CM Punk being open to wrestling ...

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AEW Five Star Matches

Every 5 Star Match in AEW History Rated By Dave Meltzer

Putting on great matches is what wrestling is all about. People want to pay money to see their favourites wrestling ...

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10 Best Promos In AEW History, Ranked

One of the selling points at the start of AEW the state of their promos. They opposed the WWE model ...

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Top 10 Best Moments In AEW Dynamite History

Tonight, AEW Dynamite celebrates their second anniversary. Over the last two years, they have had 104 shows, 3 World Champions, ...

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what happened to marty scurll

What Happened to Marty Scurll? Speaking Out, AEW and Return to Wrestling

Many fans of NJPW or early Being The Elite may be wondering what happened to Marty Scurll? The Villain of ...

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Darby Allin Allegations

Darby Allin’s Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Could Cause Him To Be Fired By AEW

Darby Allin has been alleged to have raped and sexually assaulted a former partner in an accusation levied at him ...

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The Best Bryan Danielson Matches Of All Time, Ranked

Whether he’s called Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson, nobody has pulled out as many all-time great matches in his career ...

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Top 11 Best Adam Page Matches In AEW History (Ranked)

Adam Page has been one of most consistently interesting and entertaining characters in AEW since the company began. And with ...

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AEW Releases 2022

Every AEW Wrestler Released from 2019-2023

One notable thing about AEW is the low amount of AEW wrestlers released by AEW. The company has so far ...

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Why FTR vs Young Bucks could be the greatest trilogy of all time

FTR vs The Young Bucks could solidify itself as the greatest wrestling feud ever, with the third match of its ...

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