How Luchasaurus in WWE almost joined the Wyatt Family

Having recently lost the AEW Tag Team Championships, it is not the best time in the career of Luchasaurus. He is down on his luck, his teammates are fighting each other and he could be released by AEW in the coming months.

However, he is currently in the run of his career and has one of the longest AEW Tag Team Championship reigns of all time. He and Jungle Boy are one the best home-grown AEW tag teams in history and will go down as one of the companies most beloved duos.

However, it could have all been very different for Luchasaurus. He previously worked for WWE, wrestling on the NXT Brand under the name Judas Devlin (not to be confused with current NXT UK star Jordan Devlin). He was signed the company from 2012 to 2014, when he was released after an extended hip injury.

Luchasaurus was known as Judas Devlin in NXT

During his time in NXT, Luchasaurus revealed on an episode of Talk is Jericho that he was once touted as a member of the famous Wyatt Family. Luchasaurus was originally meant to be in the Wyatt Family, with Bray Wyatt wanting him in the group because he loved his name.

“I remember Bray Wyatt said, ‘I love this name man, this is cool’ and he wanted me to get into his group when he first started it, but they had already solidified what they wanted in there, but it was perfect for his kinda thing.”

Luchasaurus also revealed in another interview that he and Baron Corbin were considered to be part of the famous group, with both men doing promos with Dusty Rhodes to attempt to join the group. The 65 million year old dinosaur revealed that he could have made it into the group, but injuries ultimately meant he missed out and was released from WWE.

“I actually did a few promos with Bray Wyatt in front of the camera with Dusty [Rhodes]. They tried a few people, Baron Corbin kinda tried out for it as well. Ultimately, I think I could [have gotten] that spot, but then I got injured.”

Luchasaurus on being a part of the Wyatt Family in NXT.

Unforunately he did not make it into the group, with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper taking his place. However, he has excelled instead as Luchasaurus in AEW and has been able to showcase his skills as a champion in the second biggest promotion in wrestling in the United States.

While Luchasaurus would have been great in the Wyatt Family, he has found his true calling as the world’s favourite 65 million year old wrestling dinosaur.

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