Luchasaurus Was A Contestant On Big Brother 17

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While he now wrestles in AEW as the TNT Champion (not Christian Cage), wrestling star Luchasaurus once appeared with the mask during season 17 of Big Brother.

Luchasaurus’ real name is Austin Matelson, who is a professional wrestler and former reality TV star from California.

He was once signed to WWE and performed under the name Judas Devlin. However, during this period, Luchasaurus was without a mask and performed with his face freely available to see.

As Judas Devlin, he was almost a part of the Wyatt Family, along with WWE star Baron Corbin. However, that did not quite pan out for the 65 million year old reptilian.

During that time, he was unrecognizable from his current gimmick. Luchasaurus without a mask had long hair and a beard, and looked nothing like he does in AEW.

Sadly, Luchasaurus was released by the WWE in 2014 following a hip injury that threatened to end his career completely.

After being fired by the WWE, Luchasaurus entered into the Big Brother House, for the shows 17th series.

Luchasaurus unmasked in Big Brother 17

Battling for a half a million dollar prize, he entered under his real name of Austin Matelson and quickly became a fan-favorite for viewers of the reality show.

Luchasaurus lasted 89-days in the house, coming 5th in the entire show. He came just 9-days away from the final, narrowly missing out on a huge $500,000 prize.

He became close with his fellow cast mates during the show, but most notably with fellow contestant Liz Nolan.

The pair began a whirlwind relationship following the end of the show, which lasted five months before they mutually decided to end it.

Nolan posted on Twitter to confirm her relationship with Luchsaurus ended.

Luchasaurus cheated on his girlfriend with Liz Nolan, which did cause controversy in the Big Brother house.

Years later, he is now a big star in AEW and his exploits on the reality show are largely forgotten.

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