The Hardy Boyz picks and predictions

Stewart Harper

The Hardy Boyz – Matt and Jeff Hardy- are synonymous with high-flying action, charismatic personalities, and an undeniable impact on ...

John Cena Doesn’t Care About “Five-Star Matches” From Dave Meltzer, Star Reveals

Hamish Woodward

John Cena has revealed that he doesn’t concern himself with star ratings given out by Dave Meltzer. The 16-time WWE ...

Top 10 Sting’s Best Matches In AEW Ranked

Hamish Woodward

Sting recently announced his retirement from wrestling, with his last match being held at AEW Revolution 2024. It will be ...

Ultimate Warrior Calls Sting A “Piece Of Garbage” In Shocking Interview

Hamish Woodward

Despite them breaking into the business together, there is no love lost between The Ultimate Warrior and Sting. The pair ...

10 Worst WWE Returns Of All Time That Fans Hated

Hamish Woodward

Nobody is ever finished in wrestling, and everybody will eventually return to the WWE at the end of their career. ...

Young Bucks’ new theme reminds fans of Stardust’s entrance music

Hamish Woodward

The Young Bucks recently debuted some new music after turning heel in AEW, although this new theme has drawn comparison ...

The Tragic Death Of Mitsuharu Misawa

Hamish Woodward

Mitsuharu Misawa‘s death was a tragic loss for the world of professional wrestling. Mitsuharu Misawa, known as the “The Emerald ...

cody rhodes neck tattoo

MJF thought Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo was trying to steal his thunder

Hamish Woodward

MJF thought that Cody Rhodes getting his neck tattoo before their pay per view match was an attempt to “steal ...

Hulk Hogan Andre The Giant and Bad News Brown

Hulk Hogan: Andre The Giant racism story “not true at all”, despite Bad News Brown claims

Hamish Woodward

Hulk Hogan has weighed in on his version of the infamous racism story involving Andre The Giant and Bad News ...

The Undertaker presents trophy before Saudi League match, stunning Ronaldo

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker made a shock appearance before the Riyadh season cup final match, with the WWE Hall of Fame presenting ...

Ultimate Warrior Died And Was Replaced By Kerry Von Erich?

Hamish Woodward

There is a conspiracy theory in wrestling that The Ultimate Warrior died in 1991, and was replaced by a different ...

MJF has had three key tag team partners in AEW

Hamish Woodward

MJF is one of AEW’s top stars, despite not even reaching his 30s yet. Despite this, MJF has been involved ...

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