Young Bucks’ new theme reminds fans of Stardust’s entrance music

The Young Bucks recently debuted some new music after turning heel in AEW, although this new theme has drawn comparison to one of Cody Rhodes’ former gimmicks in WWE.

Nicholas and Matthew Jackson attacked Sting and Darby Allin after the latter team won the AEW World Tag Team Championships, leaving the two bloodied and battered in the middle of the ring.

This set up a match at AEW Revolution 2023 between the two sides, which has been advertised as Sting’s last ever match in professional wrestling.

Before this brutal attack, the Young Bucks debuted a new entrance theme. They had previously used their “Superkick Party” theme, as well as the Kansas song “Carry on my wayward song” as the music they walk to the ring to.

However, they have gone for a much different vibe for their new tune. Titled “You Leave Us No Choice“, the AEW EVP’s have gone for a slower, more melodic piano song for their entrance music.

This has been noted by many for its similarities to Stardust‘s entrance music (Written in the Stars) in the WWE. Stardust was Cody Rhodes’ character around 2015-2016, where he began wearing face paint and acting more like his brother, Goldust.

The two songs share similarities, with very similar piano melodies and looping beats, with no lyrics to accompany them.

You can listen to the Young Bucks’ new entrance and Stardust’s entrance theme down below:

Fans took to social media to note the similarities between the two songs. Twitter user @CMOrigins “Why does the Young Bucks theme remind me of Stardust?”, before also comparing to Roman Reigns’ music as well.

While the new theme could be seen as an homage (or potential dig) at Cody Rhodes former WWE character, the actual reason is rather simple.

It is clear that “You Leave Us No Choice” is a rip-off of the theme from the TV show “Succession“, which coincidentally does share some similarities with Stardust’s entrance music.

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