Ultimate Warrior Calls Sting A “Piece Of Garbage” In Shocking Interview

Despite them breaking into the business together, there is no love lost between The Ultimate Warrior and Sting.

The pair were recruited at the Gold’s Gym together in 1985, being bundled together as The Blade Runners.

Sting entered the business as Flash, as part of the Power Team USA group. In the four-man group, only he and his teammate “Rock” managed to make a name for themselves in their career.

Sting and The Ultimate Warrior, early on in their career as “The Blade Runners”.

Flash would then become Blade Runner Sting, teaming with Blade Runner Rock as one of the hottest young tag teams in the business at that point.

This eventually morphed into the pair being known as Sting and The Ultimate Warrior, going onto incredible success as the WCW and WWE Champion, respectively.

The pair rarely crossed paths after their initial run, only sharing the same company during a brief spell in 1998, although Sting never wrestled against Ultimate Warrior in the company.

However, The Ultimate Warrior revealed in a 2009 interview that he did see Sting for the first time since WCW, but his former tag team partner refused to acknowledge him.

He went on to call Sting a “piece of garbage”, claiming that the pair were “never friends, even when we did work together”.

“Steve Borden is a piece of garbage. I recently saw Steve for the first time since our time in WCW, and he didn’t even acknowledge me. He wasn’t even on tour with TNA, yet he carried his belt around like some kind of big shot. We were never friends, even when we did work together, but you would think the guy would at least nod his head at me or something…”

The Ultimate Warrior passed away in 2014, just one day after cutting an eerily prophetic promo on Monday Night Raw, following his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Ultimate Warrior and Sting

One former legend of the tag team division claims that the team of Sting and Ultimate Warrior were actually terrible!

Speaking on the Cheap Heat podcast, Bushwacker Luke called Sting and Ultimate Warrior “Terrible”, and noted that they only cared about their bodies.

As one half of the legendary Bushwackers (and one of the best Kiwi wrestlers of all time), Luke has seen thousands of wrestlers from over the years, so is warranted in his views over the former tag team.

Speaking about The Ultimate Warrior and Sting, Luke said;

“I knew him before he became The Ultimate Warrior. I knew him when he was with Sting and they were called The Blade Runners. And, boy, they were terrible. They were trained by a well-known guy on the west coast who trained a lot of guys, but these were two bodybuilders.”

“Warrior only worried about his body, even in WWF [WWE]. That’s what he was there for, to get paid to work out and his body. He didn’t care so much about the wrestling. They were terrible. Sting was the much better worker. He learned the business properly. Warrior, he was lucky that Vince loved bodybuilders otherwise he wouldn’t have been booked anywhere.”

The Ultimate Warrior rejected a chance to enter the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010, four years before he died after appearing on Monday Night Raw.

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