Sting & Ultimate Warrior Were “Terrible”, Says WWE Legend

Hamish Woodward

Many people have had negative things to say about The Ultimate Warrior over the years, but criticism of Sting has been much harder to come by.

The pair are two WWE Hall of Famers and legends of the ring. However, some may not know that Sting and The Ultimate Warrior started out as tag team partners, known as “The Blade Runners”.

Sting entered the business as Flash, as part of the Power Team USA group. In the four-man group, only he and his teammate “Rock” managed to make a name for themselves in their career.

Sting and The Ultimate Warrior, together in their early years

Soon, Flash would become Sting, and team with Rock as part of the tag team The Blade Runners.

This would be the basis of the Surfer Sting gimmick he would adopt, whilst Rock changed his name and moved onto another gimmick entirely – The Ultimate Warrior.

However, one WWE legend had some not too great things to say about Sting and Ultimate Warrior during this time.

Sting and Ultimate Warrior Were Terrible

Speaking on the Cheap Heat podcast, Bushwacker Luke called Sting and Ultimate Warrior “Terrible”, and noted that they only cared about their bodies.

As one half of the legendary Bushwackers, Luke has seen thousands of wrestlers from over the years, so is warranted in his views over the former tag team.

Speaking about The Ultimate Warrior and Sting, Luke said;

“I knew him before he became The Ultimate Warrior. I knew him when he was with Sting and they were called The Blade Runners. And, boy, they were terrible. They were trained by a well-known guy on the west coast who trained a lot of guys, but these were two bodybuilders.”

“Warrior only worried about his body, even in WWF [WWE]. That’s what he was there for, to get paid to work out and his body. He didn’t care so much about the wrestling. They were terrible. Sting was the much better worker. He learned the business properly. Warrior, he was lucky that Vince loved bodybuilders otherwise he wouldn’t have been booked anywhere.”

The Ultimate Warrior rejected a chance to enter the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010, four years before he died after appearing on Monday Night Raw.

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