Hulk Hogan: Andre The Giant racism story “not true at all”, despite Bad News Brown claims

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Hulk Hogan Andre The Giant and Bad News Brown

Hulk Hogan has weighed in on his version of the infamous racism story involving Andre The Giant and Bad News Brown, revealing that the story as we know it is “not true at all”.

Much has been said about the life and career of Andre The Giant. Stories have been told about his fun-loving and kind nature, while others have told about his intolerant views or negative things he did.

One story that is oft told about the Frenchman is a clash with fellow wrestler Bad News Brown. Brown was one of the top black wrestlers in the 1980s, a time rife with racism.

Andre The Giant was said to have been saying racist things during a WWF bus tour back in the day. AEW star Don Callis spoke about the story on an episode of Talk is Jericho, detailing how a fight almost broke out that forced the bus to a standstill.

That has been the accepted version of the story, with many people corroborating it. However, Hulk Hogan has shared his views and experiences at that time on what he saw on the infamous bus ride.

Allegedly sat between Brown and Andre, Hulk Hogan saw and heard everything. He claims that while Andre The Giant did make a racist joke on the bus, the confrontation did not happen as spectacularly.

Bad News Brown was a WWF Superstar in the 1980s

Instead, he claimed that Brown barely spoke up and mumbled under his breath at Andre. Andre then threatened to shove a potential weapon somewhere a weapon should not be shoved, and that was the end of the confrontation

Speaking during a sit-down interview with Australian TV-show “The Voice“, Hulk Hogan had this to say about the Andre The Giant vs Bad News Brown incident.

Let me address the Bad News Brown story first.

Not true at all. Andre was telling a joke with the N-word and Bad News Brown as sitting in front of me. Bad News Brown mumbled something under his voice;

‘That’s not too damn funny, Andre.’

Bad News Brown started to go into his bag with his hand. He had a little satchel, like a purse, over his shoulder. I guess you’d call it a man purse. Back in the day, I’d never seen one before.

So, he had the satchel over his shoulder. He went into his bag to get something – probably not a weapon.

And Andre said, ‘you know, if you’re pulling something out like a weapon, I’m gonna stick it up your ass’.

But the bus was never stopped, he never called him out. I’ve heard so many versions of the story, but I was on the bus, I was sitting between them. That’s all there is too it.

Don Callis also spoke about the story

During an episode of Talk is Jericho, Don Callis spoke about his view on the story despite not actually being on the bus at the time.

Callis was friends with Brown, and revealed that the former WWE wrestler never lied, so he definitely believes the tale about Andre’s racism against his friend all those years ago.

“I heard this story a hundred times, [Brown] said Andre was making kind of comments or jokes or whatever, slurs. And Bad News was like, ‘hey, Andre, I don’t appreciate that! Can you keep that s–t to yourself?’. And Andre goes, ‘hey, News, f–k you!’ So News is like, ‘well, I’m not going to take that.’

“[Brown]’s like, ‘get your big ass off this bus!’ and he’s trying to get Andre to go outside. And News told me, he’s like, ‘look, as a shoot, I don’t know what would have happened. He probably would have killed me.’ He’s like, ‘but he would have had to do it’. So he challenges Andre [but] Andre won’t get off the bus, so it kind of gets squashed.

“Andre comes down, [Brown] challenges Andre again, and Andre just goes, ‘ah, don’t worry about it. I’m Polish [and] people make fun of me all the time’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to hear that stuff.’

“I probably knew Bad News better than anybody. One thing Bad News never did was lie about anything or exaggerate. It was just, a shoot’s a shoot. All I can tell you is I don’t know Hulk Hogan. I knew Bad News Allen [Brown] better than most and he would not make it up and if he said it happened like that, it happened like that.”

While Hogan believes Andre, his view is of little surprise

While it seems like Hulk Hogan is taking Andre The Giant’s side in this argument, it is of little shock.

Hogan is famous for his incredibly offensive use of the N-Word, becoming international news when footage of a sex-tape of his was leaked.

However, it wasn’t the act of him having sex with his friends wife that made headlines. Instead, it was his profanity-laden rant about black people that opened people’s eyes to his abhorrent racism.

The words he spoke are too bad even to print here, but it was bad enough that the WWE dropped him and removed him from the Hall of Fame.

This is a company run by an alleged rapist and has covered up murders and rapes for decades.

However, the entire thing could all be a lie. Hulk Hogan is famous for the ridiculous amount of lies he has told in his career, including in this video where he claims Andre The Giant was seven foot 4 and 700lbs during their Wrestlemania III clash.

Click the link below to read even more incredible lies by “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, including his time spent as the bassists in the band Metallica.

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