AEW All In London Had ZERO 5 Star Matches, Claims Dave Meltzer

Hamish Woodward

The Star Ratings for AEW All In London have been revealed, and fans are FURIOUS at the lack of 5 star matches given out.

Many had theorized that this show could have the most five-star bouts of any show ever – with the likes of FTR vs Young Bucks and MJF vs Adam Cole all threatening to cross the threshold into greatness.

However, with the release of the recent Wrestling Observer, fans are shocked to see that no matches on the legendary card received that iconic five-star rating.

All In was the biggest show in wrestling history. 81,035 fans paid to come and see the show, selling more tickets than any other wresting show the world has ever seen.

It outsold every WrestleMania in history, and rewarded the fans with some incredible matches.

FTR vs The Young Bucks was the third match in the iconic trilogy, with the first two both surpassing the 5-star match.

7-star FTR didn’t even manage a five-star match at All In

Many have called the match at Wembley Stadium the best of the three, so were shocked to see the match come in at just under five stars, at 4.75.

Meanwhile, the Stadium Stampede match wowed fans with some incredible hardcore action, with some amazing storytelling to keep fans engaged during the long match.

While it was amazing, Dave Meltzer only rated it at a 4.5 star rating – a far cry from the 5 star rating that fans had been expecting.

The most high-profile bout on the card was the titanic clash between the legendary Chris Jericho and the English superstar Will Ospreay.

Jericho hyped the crowd up with his best Freddie Mercury impression, before leading a singalong of “Judas” as he made his way to the ring for the match.

What followed was probably his best match in AEW, with the incredible Will Ospreay doing his best to add another five-star bout to his already legendary canon of matches.

However, it was not to be. Despite being a big fan of both men, Dave Meltzer did not award Chris Jericho vs Will Ospreay a five-star match – merely just a 4.75.

And finally, the main event. MJF vs Adam Cole was one of the all-time great storytelling matches. The pair managed to make the audience feel more strongly toward the end of their relationship than anything else on the card, wanting friendship to prevail over anything else.

To get the crowd that invested by what you do in the ring, I do not understand how that is not a five-star match – but clearly Meltzer disagrees.

In the latest Wrestling Observer, he rated the bout as a 4.5 Star match. Still a fantastic rating, but not quite the 5 stars MJF would have wanted.

Did you think any matches at All In deserved a five-star rating? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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