Revealing What An Unmasked Luchasaurus Looks Like (AEW)

Luchsaurus without a mask is something fans have never seen on AEW Dynamite

On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Luchasaurus lost his grasp on the AEW Tag Team Championship.

The masked Dinosaur lost the titles in a ladder match to the Young Bucks, ending his reign (alongside partner Jungle Boy) at 161 days, making them the third longest reigning champions of all time.

After winning the Championships from the Lucha Brothers, Jurassic Express survived a number of tag team onslaughts to retain their titles. They faced top teams like reDRagon and Swerve on my Glory, before finally being toppled by the undeniable Young Bucks.

While many say that Jungle Boy is the star of the group and some reports say Luchasaurus could be released from the company now that the tag team looks to be breaking, Luchasaurus is still one of AEW’s most recognisable stars.

The dinosaur is one of the most beloved characters in AEW, with fans wowed at the incredible athleticism and outrageous backflips for a man of his size. Of all the masked wrestlers in AEW, Luchasaurus is clearly one of the most impressive due to his height and ability to fly in the air like a cruiserweight.

While he has impressed fans for years in AEW, Lucha Underground and in more wrestling promotions, he has always wore a mask to hide his true identity. Few know who the man under the Luchasaurus mask is, and many have pondered at why Luchasaurus looks like under the mask.

In this article, we will answer the question What does Luchasaurus look like without a mask?, and what the former AEW Tag Team Champion did in a previous life before he was christened Luchasaurus by his adoring fans.

Luchasaurus without a mask

Luchasaurus’ real name is Austin Matelson, who is a professional wrestler and former reality TV star from California. He was once signed to WWE and performed under the name Judas Devlin. However, during this period Luchasaurus was without a mask and performed with his face freely available to see.

As Judas Devlin, he was almost a part of the Wyatt Family, along with WWE star Baron Corbin. However, that did not quite pan out for the 65 million year old reptilian.

During that time, he was unrecognisable from his current gimmick. Luchasaurus without a mask had long hair and a beard and looked nothing like he does in AEW.

See below for a picture of Luchasaurus without his mask during his time on Big Brother in 2015.

Luchasaurus before he was in AEW without his mask on

After he was released by WWE in 2014 after a serious hip injury, he competed under various name son the independent circuit. It wasn’t until he appeared on Lucha Underground in 2016 that Luchasaurus gained his mask and his gimmick. He debuted as part of the Reptile Tribe stable, although he was given the name Vibora during his time in the company.

It was the Lucha Underground crowd that gave Luchasaurus his name. He is named Luchasaurus because the crowd didn’t know his name, and immediately combined the words “Lucha” and “Saurus” (due to him being a Dinosaur). This name stuck and he is known as Luchasaurus to this day.

After the death of Lucha Underground, he signed for AEW in 2019. He debuted in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing 2019, finishing in the final four in the match eventually won by Adam Page. He became a fan favourite immediately, and soon aligned himself with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt (and later joined forces with Christian Cage in 2021).

The duo of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, known as Jurassic Express, won the AEW Tag Team Championships from the Lucha Brothers on the January 5th 2022 episode of AEW Dynamite. The pair held the titles for 161 days until losing it to the Young Bucks.

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