Christian Cage Is Making The TNT Title Great Again, Without Being Champion

The TNT Championship was in a bit of a rut for a while, before Christian Cage decided to put on some of the best work of his career.

You’d think, being at the end of a storied career, he’d want to tone it down for a short nostalgia run. Instead, he’s taking his dead dad-hating, turtleneck wearing-gimmick to the main event, and doing so in the best way possible.

His incredible heel work, which has done the impossible and made a crowd that appreciates legends hate the iconic Canadian, turning him into the most hated heel in all of AEW.

Christian Cage has breathed new life into the TNT Championship, making you want to see a beloved babyface to finally take the title away from him.

Trouble is – Christian Cage isn’t the TNT Champion, and that is his brilliance.

Is Christian Cage The TNT Champion?

Christian Cage is not the TNT Champion, even though he carries the title around on AEW Dynamite and Collision.

Luchasaurus is the real TNT Champion, having defeated Wardlow to win the title for the first time months ago.

Despite this, Luchasaurus lets Christian carry the belt around for him, even letting Cage refer to himself as the champion in some instances.

In fact, he has managed to garner even more heel heat because he is not the TNT Champion.

Christian Cage carries the belt around, with the champion Luchasaurus stood behind him. He constantly refers to himself as the champion, occasionally saying “we”.

This annoys the fans a lot, as they know he’s not the champion – he even lost a ladder match against Wardlow in his attempt to win the belt.

Seeing Christian taking as if he accomplished something he failed in draws the ire of the fans. Everybody has an innate sense of fairness, and seeing Christian Cage completely disregard that concept gets people mad.

Christian Cage is even horrible to his daughter on TV, and her dad is alive!

Even worse than that is the hypocrisy.

During the June 23rd episode of AEW Collision, Christian Cage

“Punk, before I go I have a question for you. What kind of man carries around a championship he didn’t win? I think I know the answer.”

The crowd erupted in what can only be described as disdain. Christian Cage was criticism CM Punk’s claim as being the Real World Champion, while himself carrying around a belt he failed to win, clinging onto the success of his client.

Eventually, Christian Cage will get his comeuppance. Whether that be from Darby Allin, CM Punk or even a debuting Edge at Wembley Stadium, a new megastar will be beat by the man who can shut up Christian Cage.

Hopefully as revenge for Christian Cage insulting their dead dads.

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