The Truth Behind Ricky Starks & Zoey Stark Relationship

Two of the most exciting young stars in AEW & WWE are Ricky Starks and Zoey Stark.

One if a former FTW Champion who has feuded with huge stars like CM Punk, Chris Jericho and MJF, and is one of the top stars on AEW Collision.

The other is signed to the WWE, and is one of the top prospects in the women’s division. She is currently aligned with the legendary Trish Stratus, embroiled in a feud with Becky Lynch.

They are two of the most promising talents in wrestling today – but is Ricky Starks related to Zoey Stark?

Despite sharing a last name on TV, Ricky Starks and Zoey Stark are not related in real life.

The pair have very little connection at all. Ricky Starks is from New Orleans in Louisiana, and his real last name is actually Starks.

Meanwhile, Zoey Stark real name is Theresa Serrano. She has wrestled under a number of notable gimmicks on the indies, including Allison Danger and Cheerleader Melissa.

The “Stark” last name differs slightly from Ricky Starks, as it does not have the “s” on the end of it. Whether this was because of the popularity of the AEW star is unknown, but it does help differentiate the duo.

While Zoey Stark now wrestles for the WWE, Ricky Starks only wrestled a few matches as an enhancment talent for the promotion.

ricky starks aew

He never signed a full-time deal, instead working his way up through the National Wrestling Alliance, before signing for AEW in 2020.

However, Ricky Starks did wrestle against The Undertaker in the build up to WrestleMania 34, helping The Deadman to get into shape before his match against John Cena.

Speaking with The Wrestling Classic, Ricky Starks said about The Undertaker;

Taker’s like my guy. Taker’s my favorite wrestler of all time. The wildest thing is that as I got older, I actually met him. I had him watch one of my matches for the indies.

I sparred with him in preparation for his match against John Cena at WrestleMania. I kept in touch with Taker still to this day when I see him, still the same, ‘Hey man, how you doing? I’m proud of you.’

That’s what he’s told me, he’s proud of me and I’m doing great so yeah, it’s really wild to go from that to sitting on a couch with [someone] that you loved when you were growing up.

Ricky Starks also appeared backstage at the 2023 Royal Rumble alongside Cody Rhodes, which was the same event that Zoey Stark made her WWE debut at.

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