CM Punk vs KENTA teased for AEW vs NJPW Forbidden Door match

CM Punk vs KENTA has once against been teased to take place in an AEW ring, this time by NJPW wrestler KENTA. The Bullet Club member has called out CM Punk for a match multiple time since his return in August 2021, namely over the use of the KENTA-created finishing move, the Go-2-Sleep.

On his Instagram account, KENTA called out CM Punk for a match at Forbidden Door, as the first of the AEW vs NJPW matches to take place at the event. On his Instagram Story, KENTA teased a match vs CM Punk, saying “GIVE ME BEST IN THE WORLD” before adding “I AM BEST IN THE GALAXY”, over the top of the Forbidden Door poster.

CM Punk vs KENTA

KENTA vs CM Punk is a dream match for many, that is 15 years in the making. CM Punk used KENTA’s Go-2-sleep since joining WWE in 2006, whilst KENTA was wrestling for promotions like NOAH and ROH. While KENTA did sign for WWE in 2014, he never faced off with CM Punk. CM Punk’s last match was in early 2014, when KENTA was still in NXT, so the pair never crossed paths.

Whilst we never saw CM Punk vs KENTA in WWE, the stage is set for the match in AEW. Especially after KENTA already wrestled in AEW, against Lance Archer and Jon Moxley while teaming with Kenny Omega. With KENTA already wrestling for AEW in the past, it is likely the Bullet Club member will take part in the AEW vs NJPW match at Forbidden Door.

KENTA also previously wrestled in WWE as Hideo Itami, although he left under a cloud after five disappointing years in NXT.

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