Brian Kendrick Was Fired By AEW For Crazy Conspiracy Theories

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why did aew fire brian kendrick

When AEW announced Brian Kendrick was going to wrestle Jon Moxley, fans were extatic. Hours later, he was fired. What happened?

What did Brian Kendrick say to get himself fired from AEW?

He missed out on a dream match with Jon Moxley and a potential run in AEW, but some horrific comments cost him that chance and ruined his career in wrestling going forward.

Why Did AEW Fire Brian Kendrick?

Brian Kendrick was fired by AEW due to comments made by the former WWE star regarding topics such as The Holocaust and other conspiracy theories.

He was scheduled to take on Jon Moxley on his AEW Dynamite debut on February 2nd, 2022 but was pulled from the match on the day of the show after comments of his came to light from years previous.

This came a very short time after he was granted his release from WWE and the wrestling world was excited.

Brian Kendrick was a future star of wrestling when he was released by WWE in 2009 and had all the potential to become the WWE Champion with his “The Brian Kendrick” character, alongside bodyguard Ezekial Jackson.

Brian Kendrick became interim WWE Champion for 12 minutes in 2009

He returned for the Cruiserweight classic in 2016 and signed a deal to perform on WWE’s 205 Live program. He managed to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion but was not featured on WWE TV and was released by the company in 2022.

He was released by AEW due to his horrible views on some very controversial topics – but what exactly did Brian Kendrick say?

What Did Brian Kendrick Say?

In a Tweet before Brian Kendrick’s debut for AEW, David Bixenspan revealed a number of comments the former WWE Tag Team Champion had said about some very controversial topics.

Brian Kendrick said that “The Holocaust was overblown”, “The Allies mocked up death camps” and that “The Russians killed ten million Catholics” in the same period and received no criticism, among many others, including 9/11 conspiracies, Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracies which caused his immediate release from his AEW contract

You can see his original Tweet below;

Brian Kendrick has not appeared for WWE nor AEW since those comments came out and the former champion in WWE’s wrestling career seems to be over, at least at the top level.

He could carry on his career in Japan, where these controversies are taken much less seriously than in the West.

A run in the New Japan Junior Heavyweight division could be a way back for Brian Kendrick after what he said, but then again there are no guarantees in wrestling.

We’ll always have Brian Kendrick briefly being the WWE Champion during a championship scramble in 2008.

What happened to Brian Kendrick?

Since being released by AEW, Brian Kendrick has not signed to any other top wrestling promotion.

He is considered toxic in the business and no-one, not even WWE, will take a sniff at him due to his comments.

Sponsors do not want to be associated with someone saying what he said and he seems to have blown his wrestling career completely.

However, he has wrestled on a few independent shows since he was let go by Tony Khan. While we never saw Brian Kendrick vs Jon Moxley, he has wrestled lesser-known names like VSK and Face in PPW.

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