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Hamish Woodward

why did aew fire brian kendrick

Brian Kendrick Fired By AEW For Crazy Conspiracy Theories

When AEW announced Brian Kendrick was going to wrestle Jon Moxley, fans were extatic. Hours later, he was fired. What happened? What did Brian Kendrick say to get himself fired from AEW? He missed out on a dream match with Jon Moxley and a potential run in AEW, but some horrific comments cost him that ...

Hamish Woodward

Why Paul London Was Fired By WWE, Explained

Having not appeared for a decade and a half in the WWE, fans have started to forget about Paul London. A multiple-time tag team champion and a legend of the Cruiserweight Division, London was an innovative force in the mid-2000s, and one who is largely forgotten nowadays. What happened to Paul London? In this article, ...

Hamish Woodward


Paul London Wants “A Million Dollars” For WWE Return

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London has revealed that he would only take “A million dollars” to return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble. London became famous during his time in the WWE teaming with Brian Kendrick. The pair were known as The Hooligans, but became more well known as simply London & ...

Brian Kendrick trained by Shawn Michaels

Brian Kendrick Remembers Being WWE Champion For Short Time

Brian Kendrick is a former WWE wrestler who was released by the company in 2022. He had many memorable moments in the company and was a record-breaking WWE Tag Team Champion alongside Paul London. Kendrick was trained by Shawn Michaels and came up through the rank with Daniel Bryan, forming a close friendship that can ...

Hamish Woodward

william regal vs bryan danielson

William Regal vs Bryan Danielson in Retirement Match in AEW?

William Regal joined Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley in the ring at AEW Revolution, marking his debut appearance for the company. As the pair fought and being bloodied and bruised during their match at the event, William Regal ran from the break to break up the fight and give the pair a slap of his ...

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