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Hamish Woodward

Every Wrestler Who Beat Kenny Omega In AEW

Can you name every wrestler who has beaten Kenny Omega in AEW by pin fall? AEW Champion Kenny Omega has been one of the most protected wrestlers in AEW. A loss by Kenny is few and far between, and he has shown during this time that he is one of, if not the best, wrestler ...

Hamish Woodward

Was Kenny Omega In WWE?

Why Kenny Omega Left The WWE, Revealed

Canadian wrestler Kenny Omega is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and is one of the best wrestlers to never make it in the WWE. He has battled all over the world, from North American to Mexico, and from the UK to Japan. Everywhere he goes, five star matches are sure ...

Hamish Woodward

Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi Was Planned For Wrestle Kingdom 12

Kenny Omega has revealed that NJPW had planned for a huge match against Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 12 – before booking the legendary match with Chris Jericho for the show. The pair have fought many times in the past, in some of the biggest matches Japan has ever seen. Weaving in a storyline that ...

Hamish Woodward


Kenny Omega Reveals The Origin Of “The Cleaner” Name

Why is Kenny Omega called “The Cleaner”? Keep reading to find out the truth behind his legendary nickname. Kenny Omega is a man who goes by many names. His real name is Tyson Smith, but was inspired by the game Final Fantasy for his in-ring name. He chose the name “Omega” from the “Omega Weapon” ...

Hamish Woodward

AEW Dream Matches Fans Never Got To See (Yet?)

Despite the litany of incredible matches AEW have put on in the past five-years, a lot of top-quality matches have been left on the table for one reason or another. Tony Khan has the tendency to save some of the biggest matches for years down the line. While this builds up the anticipation, it does ...

Hamish Woodward

Every AEW World Champion In History, Ranked

The AEW Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in the world right now, with one of the most impressive lineages. So far, only six men have held the AEW Championship – although each one has been at the top of the industry, putting on some of the best matches of their life. Some ...

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