John Cena Teases A Match With Kenny Omega Multiple Times On Social Media

Hamish Woodward

John Cena vs Kenny Omega is a dream match that most people thought would never happen, but that hasn’t stopped John Cena from teasing the match on social media.

Because John Cena has exclusively wrestled for the WWE for the past two decades, Kenny Omega has had no chance of facing The Champ in a wrestling ring.

Omega signed with the WWE’s developmental system Deep South Wrestling in 2005, but due to his unhappiness working under disgraced trainer Bill Demott, he left the WWE in 2006 and contemplated retiring from wrestling completely.

Kenny Omega with his tag team partner Heath Slater in the WWE.

John Cena was already the WWE Champion in 2006, so Omega was a long way from stepping into the ring with The Champ during his brief stint with the WWE.

He has since gone on to become one of the best wrestlers in the world, winning world championships in multiple countries, including America (AEW, Impact), Japan (NJPW) and Mexico (AAA) – sometimes holding multiple at the same time.

Kenny Omega holding the AEW, AAA Mega and Impact World Championships, during a title defense in Impact Wrestling.

With his incredible rise to prominence, there has been talk of a match between John Cena and Kenny Omega.

Omega was rumored to be signing for the WWE in 2019 (before agreeing to join AEW), something which excited John Cena greatly.

He took to Instagram at this time to post a photo of Kenny Omega, during his run in DSW in 2005, hinting at a match between the two wrestlers in the future.

This was not the first time that John Cena posted about Kenny Omega on Instagram, indicating that he is very keen on stepping into the ring with the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

In January 2017, John Cena posted two back-to-back photos on 10/11 of January. At first, they seemed like two more bizarre images posted by the 16-time World Champion, but looking at them at once shows a clear message.

The first was a simple photo of a blue letter “O”, which confused most of his fans. However, the next photo he posted was of the video game character “Megaman“.

Adding these two things together gave the message “O Megaman”.

Or, Omega. Kenny Omega. To add to the meaning, Kenny Omega goes by “KennyOmegamanX” on Twitter, showing even more clearly what John Cena.

Sadly for WWE fans, this never ended in Kenny Omega signed for the WWE, and with John Cena now a fixture in Hollywood, rarely returning to wrestling in the WWE at all, the door looks completely closed on the match.

Would you like to see John Cena vs Kenny Omega in WWE in 2024? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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