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Hamish Woodward

Sycho Sid breaks his leg in a match in WCW

The Disgusting Sycho Sid Leg Break That Ruined His Career

Sycho Sid, or Sid Vicious, broke his leg in one of the most horrific injuries ever seen in the history of wrestling. A normal leap from the top rope turned into an earth-shattering injury which functionally ended his career and almost stopped him from being able to walk. The former WWE and WCW Champion’s injury ...

Hamish Woodward


Why Sycho Sid (Sid Vicous) Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Sycho Sid is one of the most prominent names not currently inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He is one of the only former WWE Champion who has retired yet to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame – joining an Elite yet unlucky class that includes Triple H, Batista and Vince McMahon ...

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