Why Sycho Sid (Sid Vicous) Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Sycho Sid is one of the most prominent names not currently inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He is one of the only former WWE Champion who has retired yet to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame – joining an Elite yet unlucky class that includes Triple H, Batista and Vince McMahon (although Batista was set to be inducted in 2020 but had to pull out of the event).

Sid has a resume which is more than capable of standing up to any Hall of Famer who came before him. Boasting four world championship reigns in his career, which includes two WWE Championships and two WCW Championships during the height of the Attitude Era in both companies.

He was never valued as a great wrestler but his terrifying look and immense height made him a formidable force. Sid was never viewed as the “top guy” in the company but did have some huge matches and main evented two Wrestlemania events (in 1993 against Hulk Hogan and 1997 against The Undertaker). This alone should have been enough to earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame, with much lesser men getting the nod over him over the years.

While he may have had some backstage incident with Vince McMahon that caused him to be blacklisted, this is not public knowledge. Besides, other men have done worse and managed to come back for one last honouring by the company (The Ultimate Warrior being the prime example of this). Even with Vince now gone, 2023 seems the perfect time to induct Sycho Sid (also known as Sid Vicious, or Sid Justice) into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He was always hampered by his poor skills on the microphone. He never excelled in his promos, with many of them becoming nonsensical and detrimental to his character that they actually are some of the funniest and most memorable of all time – such as the time he told Kevin Nash “I have half the brain you do!”

One reason why he may not have been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame is what happened in his final WCW match, as a horrific injury ended a fantastic career in a split second due to a horrific decision by management.

Sid Vicious’ Leg Break

He only wrestled one match for the WWE since WCW went under in 2001, mainly due to a horrific injury he suffered in his last match for the doomed promotion. Battling WCW Champion Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett in a triple-threat match for the aforementioned title, he put it all on the line to try and regain the belt he lost to Steiner a month prior.

He gave it his all during the match to try and make WCW Sin the best pay per view he could. However, the six foot nine star was forced by former WCW executive John Laurinatis to try something he’d never done – head to the top rope. For a man his size, a top-rope move was unthinkable and despite his reservations, he was forced into jumping from the top rope. This would cause his ankle to shatter and would end his career as a full time wrestler.

The sight of his ankle breaking was something that never left the audience that saw it. It also deeply affected the wrestlers in the match, who somehow managed to carry on wrestling as Steiner defeated Jarrett to retain his title. WCW would be bought by WWE a few months later, which Sid’s contract not being picked up and he quietly retired from active wrestling.

Sycho Sid’s Last Match

Sycho Sid’s last match in the WWE came in the run up to Monday Night Raw’s 1000th show, former Nexus member Heath Slater faced a series of WWE Hall of Famers and legends in some fun matches to build to a final match at the big show. He took on Lita at the 1000th episode of Raw, but Sycho Sid returned to the WWE as one of the stars who he faced on the run up to the celebratory event.

In a short match, Sycho Sid defeated Heath Slater after hitting the young star with a vicious powerbomb and pinning him for the three count. Despite being 52 years old, the 6 foot 9 inch tall legend looked better than ever and even seemed like he could manage a short run in the company, if he felt up to it. Sadly, this would be his second-last match ever and would be a fun farewell to his time in the WWE.

Sid is now retired, having wrestled one more match in 2017. With 2023 now rolling around, it has to be time to see Sycho Sid inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for a long overdue bookend to mark a wonderful career that could, and should, have been so much more.

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