Why Alberto Del Rio Isn’t In The WWE Hall of Fame

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in the WWE Hall of Fame is a controversial subject, but one the Mexican Superstar is not afraid of fanning the flames of. The former WWE Champion has not been shy about his aspirations of being honored by the WWE in the near future, although it is unlikely that Triple H will want to get him back into the WWE family any time soon.

The man now known as Alberto El Patron has recently posted to Twitter to show the credentials as a WWE Hall of Famer, despite being charged with sexual assault and kidnapping during a tumultuous 2021. While the charges were eventually dropped, more and more accusations have come forward about the former WWE superstar which has surely soured the WWE on contemplating inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

However, no matter how much bad things he has done, there are always worse people already included in WWE’s Hall of Fame.

The WWE Hall of Fame does have it’s own share of controversies. Other criminals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, like Jimmy Snuka, who reportedly murdered his girlfriend, and other reprehensible characters like Hulk Hogan (whose racism scandal saw him removed from the Hall of Fame, before quietly being added back years later).

With these names front and center of this Hall of Fame, there is an argument to be made that Alberto Del Rio belongs among them. He certainly has the credentials to be inducted, and his popularity with the Latino fan base could work in his favor.

Alberto Del Rio previously had a relationship with WWE Superstar Paige, who now wrestles for AEW under her real name (Saraya), which ended in tears when Alberto Del Rio was accused of domestic abuse by the former WWE Divas Champion. Saraya hasn’t spoken up about Del Rio since going to AEW, so may have put the ordeal behind her once and for all (her current boyfriend even sings her current entrance music).

On social media, Del Rio posted a tweet detailing his achievements in WWE, and accompanied it with a photo of himself edited on top of the WWE Hall of Fame logo.

Albert Del Rio on the WWE Hall of Fame Tweeted (in Spanish)

“4 times World Heavyweight Champion. Winner of the biggest battle royal in WWE history. Money in the Bank winner. 2 times WWE United States Champion. I will do my best to raise the Mexican flag once,”

Alberto Del Rio on Twitter.

With his accolades, as he points out, Alberto Del Rio would be a key member of the WWE Hall of Fame if inducted. Being a four time world champion puts him on a very limited list, as does his Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank victory.

Alberto Del Rio has huge wins against stars like CM Punk and John Cena and was being primed as one of the top stars in WWE and the biggest Mexican star since Eddie Guerrero. Being a four-time World Champion, the 2011 Royal Rumble winner and Money in the Bank winner is surely enough to get him into the WWE Hall of Fame, especially if absolute nobodies like Queen Sharmell can get in.

As the first Mexican-born WWE Champion (Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were both born in the United States), he is deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame if we base it solely on his achievements inside the ring. Del Rio has achieved more than people like Koko B. Ware, so in a vacuum he would be a headline Hall of Famer.

However, odds are Alberto Del Rio won’t be inducted in the Hall of Fame due to his personal life and crimes in recent years, as well as the way he has spoken about WWE since his release in 2016. The WWE are a publically traded company, and their investors will not want to be seen involved with somebody whose controversies are so fresh in the memory.

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