CM Punk Hates Hulk Hogan – Here’s Why

Hamish Woodward

Hulk Hogan has broken his silence on his heat with CM Punk – revealing why the Best in the World seemingly hates the WWE Hall of Famer.

The former WWE Champion and star of the 1980s has been a controversial figure throughout his wrestling career. He was known as been a politician backstage, not wanting to lose any matches and refusing angles that did not shine him in a good like (“That doesn’t work for me Brother!”). He also made headlines in recent years for his outrageous racist comments, which got him fired from the WWE and kicked out the WWE Hall of Fame.

Despite the comments (which were absolutely reprehensible), he was brought back to the WWE years later and re-inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside the rest of the New World Order (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall). He was seemingly forgiven for his actions, although former AEW Champion CM Punk is one to hold a grudge and did not let go his hatred of Hulk Hogan.

Speaking on “Brandon Walker on Rassling“, CM Punk called Hulk Hogan “A Piece of Shit” while explaining why he doesn’t like the multi-time WWE and WCW Champion.

“You can make the argument that Hulk Hogan is a bigger star than Steve Austin. Then you look at business periods and eras and box office receipts and all that other stuff. I think Hogan is a piece of sh*t, so obviously I’m like ‘Steve Austin, yeah.’ What it feels like, I don’t have the words to describe. I know what I feel like is, I want to help everyone on the AEW roster f*cking get there.”

Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan is aware of the heat between the pair, but is insistent that it is a one-way thing. He doesn’t seem to hate CM Punk but knows exactly why he harbours a grudge toward him – and it’s not for the reasons you might thing.

Hulk Hogan spoke to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on an episode of “The Steve Austin Show” podcast and revealed why CM Punk hates him. He spoke about how he had nothing against the Straight-Edge Superstar, but that their supposed “heat” was entirely on CM Punk’s end.

“When I went back for Raw’s 15th Anniversary, I walked in the dressing room and there was a guy named CM Punk. I didn’t know who he was. I heard that I had heat because I didn’t say hello to him. I remember that night, I was going through so much crap at home and my life was falling apart. When I walked through the dressing room, all I could think about was, ‘I need to get home and fix my life.’ I don’t remember seeing, meeting, talking or disrespecting anybody that day but I had to live with that because I was in that space.”

CM Punk is famous for holding a grudge. He recently tore down Colt Cabana and The Elite in a brutal post match press conference which has likely caused him to be fired from his job as a wrestler for All Elite Wrestling. Hogan would do well not to take it personally and accept the hatred as a facet of CM Punk’s personality.

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