Gail Kim Would Come Out Of Retirement To Wrestle Mickie James

Hamish Woodward

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Impact legend Gail Kim has revealed she would come out of retirement to wrestle Mickie James – but only if she wanted her to.

Kim made her name in the TNA Knockouts division, winning seven Knockouts Championships and one tag team belt, helping build the division to one of the best in the world. The TNA Knockouts made a mockery of the women in WWE at the time, with the Divas era being a black mark on the WWE at that time.

Her feud with Awesome Kong is considered one of the best women’s feuds in pro-wrestling, with their matches changing the game for women’s wrestling in the United States. These bouts helped her get re-signed by the WWE, although her run was a disaster and she soon returned to the company that she called home. She wrestled there until her retirement in 2018 and was the first female inductee in the Impact Hall of Fame.

In a recent interview with Lucha Libre Online, Gail Kim spoke about Mickie James as she prepares for the end of her esteemed career. James is currently on her “one last rodeo” run, meaning that the next time she loses a match then she has to retire – a la Ric Flair in 2008. Gail Kim revealed she would come out of retirement for one more match against her, but only if the former WWE Women’s Champion would ask her to.

I love and respect Mickie James to the highest regard. If she wanted me to come out of retirement to wrestle her, I would do it, just because I respect her that much. I would just need the time to prepare physically. People are asking, ‘does that mean?’ Listen, you never say never in wrestling.

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