Revealing Goldust’s Last Ever WWE Match

WWE Legend Goldust has wrestled for nearly four decades in all the top promotions. He is set to retire in 2023 after an incredible career, but talk has turned to a potential return to the WWE at some point in the near future.

He has been asked about going back to the WWE after four years away for a showdown with his Royal Rumble-winning brother, honouring the legacy of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes with one more match on the biggest stage.

He now wrestles in AEW as “Dustin Rhodes” and has put on some classic matches over the past few years. His first match in AEW against Cody Rhodes was a five-star classic and his bout against CM Punk brought back an old-school feel to pro-wrestling.

However, he has not wrestled in the WWE since 2018. Many thought the would have been long retired by then but he managed to cut his bad habits and wrestle well into his 50s. While his last match in WWE was not his best, it was impressive how long he lasted in one of the “Greatest” matches of all time.

Goldust’s Last WWE Match

Goldust’s last WWE match was the Greatest Royal Rumble match, in the 2018 WWE Pay-Per-View in Saudi Arabia, named “The Greatest Royal Rumble”. Goldust was one of the oldest entrants in the match but lasted an impressive ten minutes in the fifty-man Royal Rumble match.

He entered at number 18 in the match, coming in during the middle lull in the match. He immediately attacked Xavier Woods, almost throwing him out of the match. He then came close to eliminating Daniel Bryan but The American Dragon managed to hang on.

Goldust brawled with Daniel Bryan for a spell, trying to throw him out of the ring. He then picked fights with stars like Kurt Angle, Luke Gallows and Elias, managing to hang on and stay in the match.

His time in his final match would end when the 25th entrant came into the match. Bobby Roode entered the match and soon felt the wrath of Goldust. However, Roode quickly countered his attack by throwing him onto the apron and eliminating him with a dropkick.

He did not do bad in the Greatest Royal Rumble match. In Goldust’s last match, he lasted over ten minutes but didn’t manage to eliminate everyone. He was released from the WWE early the following year and joined AEW to wrestle his brother, Cody Rhodes.

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