Hornswoggle On The WWE Star Who Got Him Hired In 2006

Hamish Woodward

Hornswoggle revealed how a former WWE Star who trained him managed to get him a job with WWE, putting his neck on the line to do so.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was a local independent wrestler his home state of Wisconsin when he got the call from the WWE. They were looking for a little person to play the role a leprechaun as a manager for Finlay. While the Norther-Irish wrestler was seen as a no-nonsense “shooter”, the partnership proved perfect for both men and elongated their careers.

Hornswoggle was a backyard wrestler before he was scouted by All-Star Championship wrestling in 2004. There he was trained by Mr Kennedy. The fellow Wisconsin-based star went on to become Mr Money in the Bank in WWE, but his greatest accomplishment may be training Hornswoggle and getting him hired in the WWE.

When WWE were looking for a dwarf to play a leprechaun, he stuck his neck out and vouched for Hornswoggle, whose real name is Dylan Postl. He recommended Postl for the role, who received a call from Tommy Dreamer, who worked in talent relations at the time. Thinking it was a credit card company calling in their debts, Postl ignored the call until Dreamer left a message.

He later called him back and received an offer to work for the WWE. He took it with both hands and became a legend in the company over the decade he worked for them.

Speaking on a recent shoot interview, Hornswoggle said about Mr Kennedy getting him hired by the WWE;

They were looking for a guy like me to be Finlay’s sidekick-leprechaun-thing, and Ken [Anderson, AKA Mr Kennedy] put his name out there for me and he he said ‘this guy’s got a good head on his shoulders, he can bump around and he just has it. He can do whatever you ask of him’. They called me and i ignored it and they called me and i ignored it and then i listened to the voicemails and Tommy Dreamer, who was working in talent relations at the time in the office, he kept leaving me a message: “Hey we want to give you a contract. Can you please call us back?”.

“Because it was a black number i was like ‘oh this is a credit card’ you know, company calling because they want to be paid and I can’t pay them because I’m broke! It was just so finally I answered and he goes ‘we’ve been trying to get a hold of you all morning’. I said ‘Yeah I thought you were a debt collector, sorry.’ He goes ‘well we want to hire you’ and i was instantly like blown away. It was just one of the greatest days of my life”

Hornswoggle proved how his height did not stop him from achieving his dream in the WWE. You can read about his incredible career by clicking the link below, or let us know in the comments what you thought about Hornswoggle in the WWE?


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