Kevin Nash Reveals Why Booker T Turned Down Joining NWO

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was a key member of the New World Order in WCW. Along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash formed the NWO in 1996 and went on to make it the most popular faction in wrestling history.

However, the group soon began adding members left and right and became oversaturated beyond belief. With tens of members at one point, there became no benefit to being the main event group because the wrestler would be lost in the shuffle. This is why Chris Jericho turned down the chance to join the NWO.

Another man rejected the NWO Kevin Nash revealed. Speaking on his podcast, he told listeners which former WCW Champion and WWE Hall of Famer rejected the chance to join the New World Order during his time in the group in World Championship Wrestling.

Kevin Nash On Booker T Rejecting The NWO

Kevin Nash was one of the key members in the NWO and on occasions asked other WCW stars to join the group. One of these was Booker T, a six-time world champion and one of WCW’s biggest young stars at the time.

The NWO was swallowing up talent in WCW at the time and it soon became a negative to join the group. The faction had so many wrestlers that you became a number in a sea of black and white and any positives to joining the main event stable were soon taken away.

Booker T was offered the chance to join the NWO by Kevin Nash during the factions peak. The former WCW Champion rejected the offer, instead continuing his solo run which earned him a WWE Hall of Fame induction years later.

Kevin Nash spoke on his “Kliq This” podcast to reveal that Booker T rejected joining the NWO because he didn’t like how the group “worked too much”.

“I remember when we asked Booker T to join the NWO, he said ‘F**k no, man. You guys work too much.’”

Booker T also spoke about rejecting the NWO on his “The Hall of Fame” podcast.

To actually be a part of the group the NWO it was something that I just did not want to be a part of. I didn’t want to be in the mix with a bunch of different guys coming out to that one music. Sure, you know being a part of a group like that, you got to change the way you you work, the way you act and what not, and that’s just not something i want to do.

As well as those guys man, they ran and they ran real hard. And that might have been something that that could have pulled me in as well and that’s not something that i was about either. I was always a loner. I always was about making money. I was always about coming to work and getting my work done to the best of my ability every time I came to work. So it might have been a huge distraction you know with all those guys and then the NWO became, you know, it morphed it became so big, you know it blew up into two separate factions and for me to be a part of that I could see myself getting lost in the shuffle.

Booker T Later Joined The NWO In WWE

The NWO finally got their man in 2002 when Booker T joined the group. The New World Order began operating in the WWE in 2002 with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall part of the group.

They were the original founders of the group but their run together would not last long in the WWE. Hogan would turn face soon after his Wrestlemania X8 match with The Rock, ditching the Black & White for the classic Yellow & Black. Kevin Nash would suffer back-to-back injuries that lasted until his release in 2003 and Scott Hall was fired in May that year due to substance abuse issues.

When Kevin Nash returned from his first injury he began recruiting for a new NWO. He brought in Shawn Michaels to the group as well as Big Show, X-Pac and Booker T. Shawn Michaels literally kicked Booker T out of the group weeks after joining, ending his long-awaited stay with the group in disappointing fashion.

Kevin Nash’s NWO Run In WWE Ended Due To Injury

When Kevin Nash and the NWO returned to the WWE in 2002 there was huge potential for the group. The New World Order debuted in the company at No Way Out 2002, coming out at the start of the show to announce themselves to the company.

They announced that they were not here to cause any trouble but were her to give the WWE a chance. Sadly, this would not last long as Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s NWO soon began to cause as much trouble as they could and attacked multiple top wrestlers in the company.

However, it soon became clear the group were brought in to destroy the WWE by Vince McMahon, to stop co-owner Ric Flair taking control of the company. They soon attacked Steve Austin and The Rock to set up big matches at Wrestlemania X8 with the stars.

Scott Hall wrestled Steve Austin and The Rock wrestled Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. The NWO’s Kevin Nash was in Scott Hall’s corner, which he later revealed was so that he could step in if anything happened to Hall to make him miss the match.

Kevin Nash would soon leave the NWO due to an injury. He suffered a torn bicep in April 2002 and missed three months due to injury. This ended Kevin Nash’s NWO run, although the group continued by adding the likes of Shawn Michaels and Booker T to the group.

He returned to the company in July 2002 but suffered a torn quad in his first match back. This was Kevin Nash’s last WWE match, apart from a return in 2010, and he would be released by the company at the end of his contract in 2003.

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