Rhea Ripley Talks Comparisons To Chyna – “I’m The First Rhea Ripley”

Hamish Woodward

Rhea Ripley thinks it’s cool that she is being compared to Chyna but declares that she is “the first Rhea Ripley”.

The Judgement Day member won the Women’s Royal Rumble match last night, entering from number one and lasting the entire match, last eliminating Liv Morgan to punch her ticket to Wrestlemania.

She has been on a tear in recent months, drawing comparisons to former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna. Ripley has been flattered by the comparison with the WWE Legend, calling her “absolutely amazing”. She noted that she was “unique” but made it clear that she wasn’t trying to be the next Chyna, but simply “The First Rhea Ripley”.

Ariel Helwani of BT Sport following last night’s Royal Rumble victory, Rhea Ripley said;

“I think it’s cool. I want people to keep saying that. I know Kofi [Kingston] said that he wants to see me go for the IC title, and I’m so down for it. I love being compared to Chyna. I know I get a lot of hate, which at the same time is weird, but I understand where it’s coming from where like, ‘You can’t be the next Chyna!’ Yeah, I know. I can’t be the next Chyna. She was absolutely amazing, and she was herself, and she was unique to her, but I’m the first Rhea Ripley. And if I can get somewhat compared to her like I’m doing something right, but I’m also going to be doing it in my own special way sort of tweaking way. But yeah, I love to see it.”

Rhea Ripley is likely to team with Finn Balor to take on Edge and Beth Phoenix at Elimination Chamber 2023.

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