Vince Russo “Hates” Bianca Belair’s “Stereotypical” Promos

Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo has lashed out about Bianca Belair, calling her promos “Stereotypical”.

The former WCW Champion (don’t even ask) has always been a controversial voice in pro-wrestling, with his long running feud with Jim Cornette bringing out the worst in both men.

Belair is in her first reign as RAW Women’s Champion, having captured the gold at WrestleMania 38 last April. She is one of the most popular women on the WWE roster and the biggest star behind Becky Lynch in the division. She has come on leaps and bounds since her debut, becoming a top worker in the company – men or women.

However, Russo is not a fan. He claimed that she was a “façade” and that he wasn’t “seeing who’s really in there”. He hated how her sees a character and not the real her, wanting a more legitmate performance from her on the microphone than he is currently getting.

Speaking on Legion of RAW, Russo addressed the EST’s promos on WWE programming.

“I just think that the promos are so stereotypical and I hate it. I hate it because I’m seeing a character and the real her is not coming through. You know, Steve Austin was a character but you knew there was a little Steve Austin in him. You know, there was a little Rock in there. I’m seeing this façade and this show but I’m not seeing who’s really in there.”

Considering Russo’s obsession with “reality” helping complete the downfall of WCW, which included Goldberg “not following the script” during a match with Scott Steiner, you can make your mind up over how seriously you take the criticism of Vince Russo.

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