WWE’s Fandango Signs For Impact In Incredible Comeback

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Superstar Fandango has signed a contract with Impact wrestling, making a remarkable comeback after announcing his retirement from wrestling one year ago.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was released by the WWE in 2021. This ended his 15 year stay with the company and he ended his time with a victory over Imperium, alongside partner Tyler Breeze, as part of their team “The Fashion Police”.

He then signed for the National Wrestling Alliance, wrestling under the slightly modified name of Dirty Dango. He also wrestled on a number of independent shows, while also pursuing his hobby of home renovation.

Not satisfied with his career outside of the WWE, Fandango announced his retirement in a tweet in March 2022. In the social media post, he explicitly stated that he would be gone “forever”, stating he would be ending his career in the months following the Tweet.

“I’ll be stepping away from the ring in a couple months. Goodbye forever.”

After tweeting out his retirement announcement, he deleted his Twitter account so there is no link available to the original Tweet.

However, he has now come back on his retirement announcement as the former Fandango has signed a contract to wrestle for Impact wrestling. The company formerly known as TNA has been known to sign former WWE stars in the past and makes Dirty Dango the newest edition on their already star-studded roster.

PWInsider reported that the former Fandango, now known as Dirty Dango, has officially signed a deal with Impact Wrestling. No details about the contract length or what dates he will work were provided.

It is likely that Dirty Dango will work Impact Wrestling weekly TV Tapings and be a key part of the roster going forward. It is unlikely that he will reunite with former tag team partner Tyler Breeze in the company, as he has recently signed a new deal with the WWE.

Fandango Is Not Retiring

Fandango WWE

Despite explicitly implying that he was retiring, Fandango lashed out at his social media follows, claiming that they misunderstood his words. Despite stating he was stepping away from the ring and “goodbye forever”, Dirty Dango claimed that he never meant he was going to retire, just that he was out with knee surgery and “never really said I was retiring”.

While speaking with the Dropkick Podcast at WrestleCon, Dirty Dango said;

“First of all, I just wanted to get rid of Twitter. In general, it’s a very negative platform. It’s kind of my own fault for reading the comments. It’s good if you want to build your brand. I do construction back home, I’m kind of putting a lot more energy into that lately. I’m getting surgery this summer on my knee.

“I never really said I was retiring, I said I was going to step away for a little while. Of course, the dirt sheets picked it up. I kind of got a kick out of it. I’m gonna get surgery on my knee, it’s been bothering me for about a year now and re-evaluate this summer, take the summer off, spend it with my girl and my dogs, and see where we’re at. Wrestling is not going anywhere.”

Clearly the former NXT Tag Team Champion forgot that he wrote Goodbye Forever. You will be able to watch Fandango every week on Impact.

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