Bad Bunny returning to WWE, according to WWE Superstar

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bad bunny wwe return

Bad Bunny‘s return to WWE could be sooner than we think, according to one WWE star. Bad Bunny was a pleasant surprise when the award winning music artist put on one of the best ever celebrity performances in a ring, when he teamed with Damian Priest against Bad Bunny to face Miz and Morrison in a tag team match.

Bunny and Priest won the match, with huge praise going towards Bad Bunny for his performance and dedication to learning the wrestle during his celebrity appearance. He also won the WWE 24/7 Championship, and a year later was a surprise entrant in the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble.

He has not been seen in a WWE ring since, with a huge 2022 tour causing him to travel all around the world and miss out of wrestling for the WWE again.

However, one WWE star revealed that he can see Bad Bunny returning to WWE some time very soon…

Bad Bunny WWE Return

While speaking with SEScoops correspondent Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, Damian Priest revealed that he believes that we will see Bad Bunny inside a WWE ring again, but only when the award winning musician can find the time to give his 100% effort into the project.

“It comes down to he had a perfect time in his schedule that he was like I’m not doing anything, I’m gonna move to Florida just to train and completely invest all my energy and time into this.” Damian Priest said about Bad Bunny returning to WWE

“He’s not someone that just wanted to just come in and then leave or just promote something. He wanted to get invested, if he gets that time again where he could devote himself, 100% I believe we’ll see Bad Bunny in the WWE ring again.”

With WWE low on main event stars due to major injuries, Bad Bunny returning for a big match at Summerslam would be a huge help to WWE. Alternatively, they could be saving him for a match with Priest again at Wrestlemania, with the view on Bad Bunny turning heel and joining the Judgement Days stable.

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