CM Punk shoots on Matt Cardona over Sasha Banks Situation

Hamish Woodward

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CM Punk has taken a shot on Twitter at Matt Cardona, after the former Intercontinental Champion’s comments inspired by the Sasha Banks leaving WWE situation.

After a tense confrontation with WWE officials on Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks and her partner Naomi walked out on WWE and their planned main event match with other main event WWE stars.

However, Matt Cardona has come under fire for allegedly mocking the situation, and taking away from the stand the pair took against WWE and their lack of creative direction and fear for their safety.

In reference to a disastrous segment on Monday Night Raw during his peak popularity, Matt Cardona tweeted, “If I could go back in time…the night I was pushed off the stage in a wheelchair on Raw, I should have walked into Johnny Ace’s office…placed my neck brace on the table and walked out because I wasn’t being respected enough as Internet Champion.”, with an accompany picture of the event.

However, CM Punk stood up for Sasha Banks and Naomi and replied to the tweet from the former WWE Internet Champion. He took umbrage with the former WWE star using the situation to make a joke an allegedly mocking two of WWE’s top woman performers.

In defence of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, CM Punk tweeted, “If you’d go back in time to stand up for yourself, you should stand up the workers now.”

As reported earlier today, Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday Night Raw this week after a heated discussion with the Head of Talent Relations. They cited a fear of working with two members of the proposed “six-pack challenge” match on Raw, as well as the lack of respect WWE has placed on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The pair have held the title since Wrestlemania but did not make the card for WWE’s latest show, Wrestlemania Backlash.

It is unknown in WWE will fire Banks and Naomi or if they will be welcomed back to TV sometime in the near future. We will report on any change in circumstance as it occurs.

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