Edge making WWE return as Rated-R Superstar

Hamish Woodward


WWE Hall of Famer Edge is making his WWE return soon, appearing as his famous Rated-R Superstar gimmick as opposed to his role as the leader of Judgement Day.

Bryan Alvarez confirmed that WWE already have merchandise ready for his return to the gimmick that won him 11 world championships during his incredible career. Alvarez also shot down a fan suggesting that he will return as the leader of Judgement Day, the same group that Finn Balor took over and kicked Edge out of.

Talking about Edge’s return to WWE, Bryan Alvarez said;

“I think the’ve already got Rated-R Superstar merch so I’m pretty sure that he’s returning as the Rated-R Superstar. Now what that means as a babyface [or as] a heel I don’t know. I don’t think he’s coming back to Judgment Day. Especially because he left Judgment Day. He left because he didn’t want to be invovled with anything spooky but then they haven’t done anything spooky [with Judgment Day].”

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