Emma Reveals Reasons Behind WWE Return

WWE Superstar Emma has revealed why she returned to WWE in 2022 – and credited Triple H with being the reason why she came back after 5 years away from the company.

The women’s wrestling star, who also wrestled under her real name Tenille Dashwood, has recently wrestled in IMPACT and ROH, before agreeing a deal to return to the WWE under the rule of new head of creative Triple H.

She was fired for the first time by WWE in 2014 after shoplifting a phone case from a local shop. The whole thing seemed to be a misunderstanding and she was rehired very soon after, lasting a further three years in the company before being released in 2017.

Emma was in a comedy double-act with Santino Marella

Emma never won any gold in WWE, coming close in NXT during her feud with Paige. Paige and Emma’s matches in NXT changed the way women’s wrestling was viewed in the company and was the real catalyst behind the women’s revolution. Those matches inspired the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and more as they reached the top of the WWE and main event pay per views for the first time in history.

Speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Emma spoke about her return to WWE and how Triple H was the reason why she came back to the company. She revealed she was impressed by the changes in WWE since Vince McMahon left and Triple H took over, and that it was The Game who reached out to her to offer her a new contract with the company.

I guess it would have been within a few months of when Triple H returned. I was working with IMPACT and my contract was coming up. Maybe, without even realizing it, I had this idea in my mind that maybe I’m done with IMPACT and maybe there are other options that I should explore and see what’s possible. That was probably coming from me watching WWE and seeing all these awesome changes with Triple H and what he was doing, and I know I had that good rapport with him and all the stuff we did at NXT.

Probably, in the back of my mind, I started thinking like, ‘I wonder if I could actually go back to WWE.’ It was within a short time after that, probably a month or two, we ended up in touch. He said to me that he had been meaning to reach out even sooner, that I had been on his list, and he’s just been swamped, as you could imagine. That’s kind of where the conversation finally kicked off and then went from there. Next thing you know, I’m actually back. I joked about it so many times, all of a sudden it was like, ‘This is actually happening, I’m coming back to WWE after five years.’

Emma is currently aligned with her real-life partner Madcap Moss in WWE, where they currently perform on the Smackdown brand.

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