Why Finn Balor’s Judgement Day Turned On It’s Leader Edge

Finn Balor has revealed why he led his Judgement Day stable to attack it’s former leader Edge and go out on their own, in a shocking revelation. Finn Balor’s Judgement Day have been a huge threat in WWE in recent weeks and have all the makings of a top faction in WWE.

In an interview with WWE El Brunch, Finn Balor spoke about a number of topics, most interestingly how the became the leader of Judgement Day and ousted it’s former head before rebuilding it in his own imagine. The former Universal Champion has previous, forming the legendary Bullet Club team in New Japan, and hopes to do the same with his group, which also includes Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley.

In the shocking interview, the Irish legend revealed he and Edge were never friends, instead “more colleagues”, and that he viewed the Rated-R Superstar‘s view on the hierarchy of wrestling as “too old school” and too antiquated for the modern day landscape.

When asked about Judgement Day Finn Balor said;

“I wouldn’t say we were friends, we were more colleagues. I have a lot of colleagues, very few friends. This idea of senior wrestlers wanting to control the more junior wrestlers, or how they see as junior wrestlers, is too old school and not very forward thinking, and not something I appreciated. I don’t like to look down on people or be looked down on. I feel that’s what Edge was doing to Priest, Rhea, and myself and we needed to put a stop to that.”

Will Finn Balor add new members to Judgement Day

Finn Balor could be adding new members to Judgement Day

Since he took over control of the group from Edge, there have been rumours flying around about Finn Balor adding even more members to Judgement Day. During his time in control of Bullet Club, Balor managed numerous superstars as he took control over New Japan, and could help numerous lower-card wrestlers fulfill their potential as a part of the villainous group.

However, Balor seems happy with the current level of fighters in his group. He seems to prefer “quality over quantity” and is not desperate to add more wrestlers to his ranks, but always has his “eyes open for more quality” should the right wrestler present himself (or herself).

“Not in every case is it more important to have more soldiers. I prefer quality over quantity. We definitely have our eyes open for more quality and when that quality presents itself, we’ll definitely welcome more members to The Judgment Day.”

A number of WWE superstars have been rumoured to join Judgement Day in recent weeks, including;

  • Sonya Deville
  • T-Bar (Dominik Dijakovic)
  • Tommaso Ciampa
  • The Viking Raiders
  • Corey Graves
  • Liv Morgan
  • AJ Styles

Who would you like to see join Judgement Day next? Who should join Finn Balor’s faction as he bids to become a top star in WWE? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more

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