Hardcore Holly As WWE Champion – “Then I Beat Everybody!”

Hamish Woodward


One of the most famous and hilarious stories about Hardcore Holly to come out in recent years has come from Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle With Podcast. The WWE Executive has recently taken a bigger role backstage in WWE, being called the most powerful non-McMahon in professional wrestling.

He was formerly a manager in the WWE as Brother Love and was the first manager of the legendary The Undertaker. Brother Love was based on a southern televangelist character and has gone down in legendary status in the annuls of WWE history.

During an episode of his podcast detailing No Mercy 1999, the talk turned to Bob “Hardcore” Holly. The former WWE Star held the WWE Tag Team titles and Hardcore Championship in WWE (Although his Intercontinental title win was never acknowledged), but he never managed to earn himself a World Championship in the WWE.

Bruce Prichard recalls a hilarious moment in which Hardcore Holly, a solid midcarder at the time, pitched for himself to become WWE Champion and “then I beat everyone!”

“I’ll never forget Bob Holly, the guys were asking talent for ideas. ‘If you have any ideas, write them down and tell us. Let us know what idea you may have.’ And Bob’s idea was, ‘Hey, I got an idea. How about you give me the belt!’ The follow-up question was, ‘Okay, then what?’ … ‘Then I beat everybody!’”

Shockingly, off the strength of that pitch WWE did not give Hardcore Holly the WWE Championship. He left WWE after his last match in 2008 without every winning the WWE Championship, even breaking his neck while failing to beat Brock Lesnar for the belt in 2002.

He retired in 2018 after decades in the business and released his own book The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story, which you can read about on Amazon by clicking this link.

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