John Cena vs Drew McIntyre could be “one last match” for WWE legend

Hamish Woodward

john cena vs drew mcintyre

With the number of top stars, like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and even The Undertaker, it’s a shock that one dream match that has never taken place is John Cena vs Drew McIntyre. Despite the two sharing the same company since the Scotsman’s debut in 2009, the pair have never shared the ring in a one-on-one match.

McIntyre has called out John Cena multiple times for a match, although the offer for a big-time match between the two former WWE Champions has yet to be reciprocated. McIntyre still holds out hope for the match though, and he will do whatever it takes to step into the ring against John Cena, even it means getting Cena back for just “one last match”.

Drew McIntyre vs John Cena will take place at Wrestlemania 39, if the Scottish Psychopath gets his way. Formelrly known as Drew Galloway on the independent scene, the Scot revealed all about his dream match in an interview with WWE’s The Bump and talked about how much he will keep trying to get the match, until either man finally calls it a day.

In the interview with The Bump, Drew McIntyre said;

I’ve called him out a few times, he hasn’t reciprocated and that’s okay. I said I don’t need any help.” McIntyre said about a match with John Cena “I’ll keep working forward, and make things happen on my own. But if John and I end up in a ring together one day for one last match. That is one singles match I’ve never had. I’ll work and try and make it happen.’

In the same interview, Drew also complimented Cena’s work ethic and wishes that he’d followed in his example rather than simply watched him achieve what he did in WWE.

“John’s always been such an inspiration to me. I wish I would’ve followed his mindset and work ethic when I was younger rather than just observing it. I think I got things handed to me a little easier when I was younger, I lost perspective and I had to get fired to realize what I had lost and realize to be happier than just being a water boy and giving it my all.”

I thought to myself what would Cena do? He would work his butt off 24/7 because he realizes how fortunate he was to get the opportunities that he got. He made them happen, it wasn’t just gifted to him and he made it happen and he was rewarded for his hard work.

John Cena vs Drew McIntyre

While it may seem strange that these two huge stars have never faced off before, there is a good reason. When John Cena was at his peak as a full-time star, Drew McIntyre was stuck in the undercard.

Despite being anointed as a “future world champion” by Vince McMahon, McIntyre never fulfilled his potential in his first WWE run, instead eventually joining comedy trio Three Man Band before ultimately being fired in 2014.

When he returned to WWE in 2017, the landscape was different. John Cena was winding down as a full-time wrestler just as Drew was coming into his own and staking his claim as a main event talent.

By the time he was a WWE Champion in 2020, John Cena had left WWE for Hollywood and was having a few matches a year at most. This meant that every match he had was huge, and sadly Drew McIntyre vs John Cena just did not fit into the dream match scenario.

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