Who Is Lyra Valkyria? (Aoife Valkyrie Moving To NXT)

Hamish Woodward


Who is Lyra Valkyria? Keep reading to find out who she is and what she brings to NXT.

A vignette aired on Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT, teasing the arrival of Lyra Valkyria. An Irish star who spoke in Gaelic on her debut vignette, clearly emphasising her Irish roots in a less-embarrassing way than Becky Lynch did on her debut.

The video saw her wandering through a forest (presumably in Ireland) speaking to the viewer, first in Gaelic and then in English. She was dressed in black with black feathers, giving a hint on what her gimmick might entail once she debuts in NXT.

In her debut vignette, Lyra Valkyria said;

“As a child I would always watch the sky, watching the birds as they leave Ireland for a new place, for a new life. Now I have left my homeland, channelling the spirit of the Mulligan [A bird] and as my old feathers fall to the ground, new feathers emerge, stronger. Who you once knew has shapeshifted to a new form and is ready for a new battleground.

Prepare yourself for Lyra Valkyria

The video is a clear reference to her evolving from her previous character of Aofie Valkyrie [pronounced EE-FAH] that wrestled in NXT UK. She was one of the top female stars in the promotion and only suffered two losses during her entire time in the company – once to Meiko Satomura and another to Jinny. Her last match for the promotion was on August 26th, 2022, before it was shut down and the bulk of the wrestlers were released, including Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.

She is one of the most exciting young stars to come out of Ireland since Becky Lynch made her NXT debut in 2013. Valkyrie signed with the WWE in 2020 and wrestled on NXT UK for two years before finally getting the move over the United States to make her NXT debut. The young star is from Dublin, Ireland and is currently only 26 years old, so could be a big star for the future for Shawn Michaels’ NXT or Triple H’s WWE.

She is the latest in a long line of NXT UK stars to make their way from Great Britain to the United States. She follows fellow NXT UK alumni like Alba Fyre, GUNTHER and Tyler Bate in making the move accross the pond and fans are excitied to see what happened next with Lyra Valkyria in NXT.

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