Matt Cardona shoots on “all of wrestling’s top guys being injured” after Hell in a Cell

Hamish Woodward

matt cardona injury

With the recent news that Matt Cardona will be out for 3-5 months with a torn bicep, the NWA World Champion has commented on the slew of injuries that have taken “wrestling’s top guys” out of action over recent weeks.

Matt Cardona will reportedly miss the NWA Alwayz Ready show, named in his honor, due to his injury, but he is not the only top star who has suffered in recent weeks.

CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi at Forbidden Door has been cancelled after an injury has taken Punk out of action. AEW will also crown an interim AEW Champion while he is out with injury and it will be a while until CM Punk is back from injury.

Bryan Danielson has also recently suffered an injury that forced him to miss a meet and greet, adding to injuries suffered by Jeff Hardy and Adam Cole at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. This has led to a lot of plans being changed, but the injuries are not just in AEW.

Cody Rhodes recently wrestled in a 5 star classic against Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell 2022, but injuries almost meant that the match never took place. The day prior to the show, Cody Rhodes suffered a torn pectoral muscle and featured a heavy bruise across his chest during his match with Rollins.

Cody Rhodes chest looked painful in his match against Cody Rhodes

Fans were shocked he even wrestled, let alone defeated Rollins in a brutal match that had everyone, including Matt Cardona, shocked that he wrestled with the injuries.

On Twitter, the former Zack Ryder commented on the injury suffered by Cody. Matt Cardona commented that “I guess all of wrestling’s top guys are injured. Best wishes and get well soon to my fellow injured top guys!”.

In this post, he wished all the injured stars well and heelishly compared himself to the likes of Cody Rhodes and CM Punk, which worked well with the gimmick he has used since leaving WWE in 2020.

Matt Cardona will be out of action for 3 to 5 months with his injuries, but when he returns he will surely continue to be one of the top stars in the indies and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

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