Mick Foley’s Daughter Ditches WWE For Only Fans

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Mick Foley Daughter OnlyFans

Noelle Foley quit the world of wrestling for OnlyFans, but why did Mick Foley’s daughter hang up her wrestling boots after her hit TV show set her up for a long career in the squared circle?

Mick Foley‘s daughter Noelle Foley looked set to be the next big star of the WWE’s Women’s Division. As the child of a WWE Hall of Famer she already had the leg up to get into the industry and WWE seemed intent to push her as one of their top wrestlers.

She had gained a big following on Instagram before becoming a part of the WWE. Posting modelling photos and suggestive pictures gained her over a million followers on social media and put in good stead for a future in the wrestling ring.

To make the most of her popularity and showing just high they were on Mick Foley’s daughter as a wrestling prodigy, WWE commissioned Noelle and Mick Foley their own TV show to be broadcast on the WWE Network. The show was titled “Holey Foley” and focused on the lives of the father-daughter duo and her training to become a wrestler in the WWE.

It premiered in 2016 and was one of the most advertised show on the network. It showed various facets of their lives, including Foley’s son Dewey (of “Cane Dewey” fame) working in WWE, Mick’s battle with his health, Noelle’s relationship with her husband “Frank the Clown” and much more.

The highlight of the show was her training to become a WWE superstar. The women’s revolution had just begun in the WWE and the female WWE Superstars were finally being treated the same as the men. With that in mind, Noelle Foley worked with a number of WWE Superstars in the NXT Performance Centre to improve her skills and get her a job with the company, including Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore.

Despite impressing in the training and with many expecting Noelle Foley to sign with WWE, she never wrestled for the WWE. Even as the daughter of Mick Foley, she never really had the passion to dedicate her life to pro-wrestling, like her father did.

However, that was not the reason why she gave up wrestling. She could have still made a name for herself in the WWE if not for a medical diagnose that threatened her career and her quality of life going forward as well. She revealed in 2019 that she was dealing with Hyperacusis, an ear condition that makes some sounds that sound regular to most people uncomfortable and painful for Noelle.

This condition came after she suffered a concussion and is incredibly rare. She also suffered with post-concussion syndrome and tinnitus following the injury and looks to have put an end to her wrestling career once and for all. Her father also famously had ear problems in the ring, in the form of having his ear ripped from the side of his head during a match against Vader.

Noelle Foley revealed all in a Twitter post, which you can read below;

The fact the condition is getting worse is awful and we can only wish her well in recovering from her condition. Luckily for her, she has found a new passion in life and a new way to make money.

Noelle Foley’s OnlyFans

Noelle Foley opened her OnlyFans this year, but not for happy reasons

After retiring from wrestling before her career had begun, Noelle Foley found a new way of making income. Utilising the built-in fanbase from her 1 million Instagram followers, Mick Foley’s daughter’s OnlyFans was the way she decided she was going to make her living.

Noelle officially opened up her OnlyFans on June 3rd, 2022 with a Twitter post stating “OnlyFans is LIVE!!!” and a link to her new page. OnlyFans in a place the is generally used for women to post explicit photographs of themselves, with their fans paying a monthly subscription for access to these exclusive snaps.

To entice potential subscribers, she posted a picture of herself at the beach in a bikini, with plenty more where that came from if they joined up with her OnlyFans page. It costs fans $19.99 per month for access to her exclusive gallery, with new photos uploaded for viewing daily.

While it is not quite the no-holds-barred thrill ride of a match at Wrestlemania, Noelle Foley is at least making some money on OnlyFans to held her through her medical condition. She has hidden how many subscribers she currently has, so we won’t be able to work out how much money she makes, but she has accumulated of 50,000 likes on the page and is reported to have a net worth of over $1,000,000.

However, she did later reveal the only reason she opened up her account was to pay for the mounting medical bills for her condition, painting a very sad picture of her current situation suffering from her illness.

What do you think of Noelle Foley’s OnlyFans? Did you think Mick Foley’s Daughter was going to be a WWE Superstar at one point? Let us know in the comments or click below to read about CM Punk leaving AEW

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