Revealing How Big Daddy V Died (Viscera, Mabel in WWE)

Hamish Woodward


Big Daddy V went by many names in WWE. He first became famous as Mabel, where he won the King of the Ring in 1995 and started a short, yet unsuccessful run in the main event. He challenged Diesel (Kevin Nash) for the WWE Championship at Summerslam that year in one of the worst matches in WWE history, and even broke the Undertaker’s face around that time, forcing him to wear a mask for a number of months while wrestling. He also had a King of the Ring Championship belt made, although it was never used on TV.

He left WWE in 1996 for a couple of years and eventually returned in 2004 under a new name and gimmick. Now marketed as Viscera, the World’s Largest Love Machine, he was now not just a huge powerhouse, but a lothario who loved the women as much as he loved to wrestle. His best moments were all in Royal Rumbles, as 15 men would team up to try and dump his 500lb carcass over the top rope.

He would later be repackaged and emerged on ECW as Big Daddy V. It showed a more aggressive side of the former King of the Ring winner, who had much more of an aggressive attitude to himself. He had some good matches with Kane and CM Punk but ultimately was a “jobber to the stars” and never managed to win any championships during this time.

Big Daddy V’s last match in WWE was against CM Punk on the March 11, 2008 episode of ECW. He lost in a Money in the Bank qualifying match to Punk, who failed to get him onto his shoulders for the GTS so instead forced V to tap out to the Anaconda Vice. He was drafted to Smackdown during the next WWE draft, but was released from his contract soon after and never wrestled for the WWE again.

He wrestled a number of matches after leaving the promotion, on various independent shows and even in All-Japan Pro Wrestling as Big Daddy Voodoo. However, tragedy would strike in early 2014.

Big Daddy V died from a heart attack on February 18th, 2014. He was 42 years old and just a few days shy from his 43rd birthday. It was a tragic passing but one that could have been forseen by most. He was around 500lbs and had very limited mobility, even during his peak in the ring. Seeing his fat peak over his straps during his time in ECW was a sight to behold, and nobody could every claim to be shocked that it was heart issues that led to his death.

His family later tried to sue the WWE, claiming CTE from concussions were the cause for his death. This was laughed off in court as the evidence was completely non-existent, with WWE’s lawyer Jerry McDevitt stating in court;

It’s ridiculous that someone can try to blame someone because a gentleman with a weight problem died of a heart attack in the shower eight years after he last performed.”

Is Big Daddy V In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Big Daddy V Hall of Fame

Big Daddy V is not currently in the WWE Hall of Fame. He is unlikely to get in due to his lack of accomplishments in WWE, in addition to the companies preference on only giving posthumous honours to the top stars in the company. It’s likely that if he was still alive then he would get his induction eventually, but under the current circumstances it is unlikely.

But, Queen Sharmell got in so there is literally no criteria so welcome to the Hall of Fame Big Daddy V!

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