Rob Van Dam’s Last WWE Match Was A Sad End For The Legend

Hamish Woodward

rob van dam last wwe match

Did you know who he wrestled in Rob Van Dam’s last match in WWE?

One of the biggest and most influential legends in wrestling history is Rob Van Dam. From ECW to WWE, he pioneered a new faster-paced style in North America, incorporating martial arts into his new style of wrestling. The way he flew through the air mixed with incredible kicks and innovative sequences made his ECW Television Championship reign one of the greatest title reigns of all times.

He became a legend in the fledgling ECW, sticking with the company throughout it’s troubles despite offers from both WWE and WCW. He eventually joined WWE when ECW folded and instantly became a top star in the company.

Rob Van Dam won multiple championships and inspired countless wrestlers during his stint in WWE. He achieved a milestone of becoming both the WWE and ECW Champion at the same time, being the first man to ever hold both championships (later on, Big Show and Bobby Lashley would also hold both belts, but only RVD would have them at the same time).

He was later released by WWE in 2007 and lost his championships after being caught with Sabu with marijuana in their cars. This put them on WWE’s bad side and ended both of their WWE career – at least for the time being. Rob Van Dam’s last WWE match in 2007 was a surprise return for the Raw 15th Anniversary show, where he defeated Santino Marella in a match celebrating 15 years of WWE’s flagship TV Show.

However, this would not be his final run, and we would have a second last match for RVD years after his initial final outing on Monday Night Raw.

Rob Van Dam Last WWE Match

Rob Van Dam’s last WWE match came on WWE Main Event where he faced Seth Rollins. This came at the end of RVD’s second return run in WWE, having had runs in both 2013 and 2014.

He first returned to WWE after 6 years away in 2013. He was a huge part of the 2013 Money in the Bank match and was heavily advertised for his first match back in WWE in years after his untimely release in 2013. Whilst he did not win the match, he did later get a shot at Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship later that year, albeit unsuccessful.

He returned again in 2014 but had a much less successful run. He was not a main part of the TV show and was regularly relegated to lower card matches and “B-shows” like Main Event and Superstars.

It was on main event where RVD would have his final WWE bout. The former WWE Champion took on Seth Rollins in a highly requested bout between the two high flyers. Seth Rollins was Mr Money in the Bank at the time and took on the man who won the second ever Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania 22. He would cash in his briefcase on John Cena in 2006 while Rollins used his in the main event of Wrestlemania 31.

In a fun match that lasted a touch over 10 minutes, Rob Van Dam defeated Seth Rollins in his last WWE match. He won the match by count out by attacking Rollins outside the ring, before rolling back in and waiting for the referee to count him out. He was released from the company just weeks later and RVD has not been seen in a WWE match since.

He Continued Wrestling In Other Companies

Since leaving WWE, RVD wrestled for a number of other wrestling companies.

In recent years, he has been a featured part of Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA). While he is a former World Champion in the promotion, he did not win championship gold in the promotion but put on some fun and entertaining matches despite his advancing years in age.

He has also made the trip over to Japan in 2022. With the easing of the COVID restrictions across the world, many wrestles like Jon Moxley and Tom Lawlor have decided to work more in Japan. RVD was no different as he wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan in 2022, rolling back the years by putting on some fantastic performances despite being 51 years of age.

He did return to WWE in 2021, not to wrestle but to be honour as part of the legendary WWE Hall of Fame.

RVD Was Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame In 2021

Rob Van Dam was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 as part of the class of 2021. He was inducted alongside a number of WWE legends as part of a ceremony that was split with the 2020 one (which was cancelled due to COVID), which included;

  • John “Bradshaw” Layfield
  • The British Bulldog
  • Justin “Thunder” Liger
  • New World Order
  • The Bella Twins
  • William Shatner
  • Molly Holly
  • Eric Bischoff
  • Kane
  • The Great Khali
  • Ozzy Osbourne

RVD was awarded his Hall of Fame ring for his 20+ year career, most notably in WWE and ECW. Now he is inducted into WWE, it is not expected he will have another match in the company. RVD’s last match in WWE looks set to remain his bout with Seth Rollins on WWE main event in 2014.

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