Sasha Banks WWE Return Stopped By “Money Situation”

Hamish Woodward


Sasha Banks impending WWE return has hit the rocks in recent weeks, with the wantaway star holding up the deal due to the “money situation” in her WWE contract.

The former Women’s Champion walked out of Raw in May, alongside her partner and fellow Women’s tag team champion Naomi. The pair vacated their titles and haven’t been seen since, with very little reports of where Naomi has been since.

Meanwhile, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Sasha Banks, who is one of the greatest women wrestlers in WWE history. She was a record breaking champion in NXT and since her transition to the main roster has put on incredible performances nightly and main evented pay per views – the first woman to do so.

Her popularity has been evident since her walking out the company. At Survivor Series 2022, fans chanted “WE WANT SASHA” during the terrible Ronda Rousey vs Shotzi match, much like how fans would yell for CM Punk during bad segments prior to his AEW return (and subsequent rumoured firing).

However, those fans may be waiting longer to see the The Mandelorian star than they thought. Talks between WWE and Banks have apparently slowed down with no guarantee that she will return to the company again. 

Dave Meltzer reported on said on Wrestling Observer Radio that “They’re in contract talks. The last I heard it was a money situation and that was a long time ago so I don’t know where it stands right now.”

The star has been teasing numerous different things since leaving. She has been spotted in Mexico, training in the art of Lucha Libre as fans theorise on her eventual return to wrestling, be it in the WWE, AEW or even south of the boarder in Mexico. She also teased appearing for WWE, after Saraya made her debut for the company, but that never came to fruition.

On November 10, Soulnado Inc (Mercedes Varnado’s company) filed the following trademarks:

Mercedes Mone’
-Mone’ Talks
-Bank Mone’
-Statement Maker

While these may mean nothing, it looks likely that these are names, nicknames and move names that she can use outside of WWE, indicating that she may be looking to terminate her contract with the company in the near future.

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