Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3 Cancelled Plans Revealed

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Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3

Southpaw Regional Wrestling released their season 3 trailer three years ago in February 2020. It teased a darker, grungier side of the promotion, moving on to the 1990s style of wrestling. However, two years on and there has been nothing released by WWE with the bulk of the talent having been fired by the company in the meantime.

However, some recent information regarding season 3 has been revealed. Keep reading to find out what the promotion actually was and to read about what was planned for Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3.

What Is Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Southpaw Regional Wrestling was a surprise hit on the WWE Youtube Channel five years ago. In March 2017, the company released a series of videos detailing a fictional 1980s southern wrestling promotion, named Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

The show featured a number of WWE stars playing fictionalised and exaggerated 1980s-style wrestlers, taking on personas that mimicked some of the most popular wrestlers of the 1970s and 1980s. Stars involved included John Cena, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and many more.

The wrestlers performed skits, introducing their characters as if they were part of a real wrestling show. John Cena and Fandango also featured as a presenters of the show, with the likes of Chris Jericho and Renee Young appearing as backstage interviewers.

There were no wrestling matches on season 1 or season 2 of Southpaw Regional Wrestling

The full list of Southpaw Regional Wrestling characters are as follows;

  • Chad 2 Badd – Karl Anderson
  • Big Bartholomew – Rusev
  • Sea Creature – Cesaro
  • Tex Ferguson – Like Gallows
  • La Barba Grande – Luke Harper
  • John Johnson – TJ Perkins
  • Christian Joy – Lana
  • Mr. Mackelroy – Tyler Breeze
  • Surf Dudes with Attitudes/Danger Zone – The Ascension
  • Impressive Pelvis Wesley – Heath Slater
  • “Dry Rub” Doug – Seth Rollins
  • Frantic Frank – Rhyno
  • Nicci Lee Styxxx – Dolph Ziggler
  • Voo – Xavier Woods
  • Doo – Big E
  • Porkchop Jones – Jason Jordan
  • “Astonishing” Adam Düng – The Miz
  • René Beret/Dan Bandana – Daniel Bryan
  • Dewey Jackson – Michael “P.S” Hayes
  • Debbie Desperado – Natalya
  • Cameron “Clint” Bobski – Chris Jericho
  • Lance Catamaran – John Cena
  • Chett Chetterfield – Fandango
  • Chip Henderson – John Cone
  • Malibu Al – AJ Styles
  • Susan – Renee Young

Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3

Fans were left disappointed after the third season of Southpaw Regional Wrestling was cancelled by WWE. The company released a promotional trailer for the new series on their Youtube channel in February 2020, featuring a drunken Chet Chetterfield getting the call from Lance Catamaran telling him that they’re back.

It then reveals the date as the Summer of 1994, indicating a leap forward into a different era of wrestling. Based on the trailer, it would look something of a combination between the “New Generation” and “Attitude” Eras of wrestling and could have given a whole new take on the format.

While nothing was ever followed up upon, the man portraying Chet Chetterfield revealed the plans for Season 3 of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Fandango appeared most recent episode of the “Cafe De Réné” podcast with Réné Dupree and spoke about the plans for the nixed season.

He revealed that there were plans to film the third series of the show, but due to pandemic budget cuts Vince McMahon and WWE fired not only most of the crew, but also WWE’s entire digital department who produced the Youtube series.

“We filmed the teaser trailer for [Season 3] and then they fired not only all the talent, but then they fired the whole digital department.” Fandango said about Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3.

He also noted how impressive it was of John Cena, who played his opposite present Lance Catamaran, to remember 10 pages of dialogue in one go and read it out after memorising all the lines.

“John had probably 10 pages of probably six episodes of verbiage. He looked at it for like 20 minutes and memorized the whole thing. And, dude, he did it all in one take. And I’m like, ‘Holy s***’ That was the first time I was like, ‘This is acting.’ His brain is wired for that.”

Sadly, due to the amount of WWE releases that took place during the pandemic, it is almost guaranteed that nothing about this season will ever resurface, if anything was shot at all. With very few of the stars remaining in the company it would be a hollow shell of it’s former self and would simply be an insult to one of the funniest things WWE has made in the past 5 years.

What did you think of Southpaw Regional Wrestling? Let us know if you’d have liked to see season 3 or click below to read about Chris Jericho in NJPW

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