The Brawling Brutes could be WWE’s new top faction

Sheamus’ new stable that has taken over Smackdown in recent weeks has been given a new name – The Brawling Brutes.

Brawling Brutes is comprised of it’s leader, former WWE Champion Sheamus, and two of WWE’s two youngest stars that have taken over Smackdown – Ridge Holland and Butch (formerly NXT United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne).

The trio have fought together for a number of weeks but have so far gone without a name for their trio. They were unofficially called “Fight Night” but that name has not seemed to stick for the trio in WWE.

It was revealed on this past weeks Smackdown in a backstage segment that the group is now called Brawling Brutes. Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch finally had a name for their trio that is bidding to be one of WWE’s top factions going forward.

It was reported earlier this week that WWE had trademarked the term ‘Bloody Brutes’ on May 12, although it was contentious whether or not they would use the term “bloody” due to the child-friendly nature of WWE programming.

Sheamus also revealed the new name “Brawling Brutes” in a Twitter post after Smackdown, officially solidifying the name as the official moniker for the popular trio.

Brawling Brutes

While the Brawling Brutes were christened on Smackdown, the start of their reign as a trio did not start as well as they thought.

In a match on Smackdown, Butch took on New Day member Xavier Woods. Unfortunately, Xavier Woods was victorious over Butch and handed Butch a tough loss.

However, Sheamus and Ridge Holland attacked Woods after the match with help from Butch and beat down the multiple time WWE Tag Team Champion. They left Woods in a crumpled heap on the ramp before exiting the arena in good spirits.

The New Day did not take this lying down. Xavier Woods promised that he, Kofi Kingston, and a third partner would take on the Brawling Brutes in a six-man tag match next week.

Despite the lack of Big E due to injury, The New Day vs Brawling Brutes could turn out to be one of the top faction feuds in WWE.

While the New Day have the claim to being the best tag team of all time, knocking 2/3rds of the group off in tag team action would do a lot to elevate the Brawling Brutes as one of the top teams in WWE.

A victory over Woods, Kingston and a partner would catapult the Brawling Brutes as a top tag team with a Tag Team Championship shot in their future.

With The Uso’s recently unifying the two tag team titles, the Brawling Brutes will be one of the favourites to end their reign and bring the Smackdown tag team titles to the group for the first time in a long time.

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