Tiffany Stratton’s Absence From NXT Finally Revealed As Serious Injury

Hamish Woodward

Tiffany Stratton Injury

NXT Star Tiffany Stratton has been absent from WWE TV recently, with many fans worried about her absence from the weekly program. However, some details for why she has been missing have finally been revealed, with multiple trusted sources commenting on her suffering an injury in her most recent appearances in WWE.

The former Gymnast (whose real name is Jessica Woynilko) who also competed as a Mixed Martial Artist and a Body Builder made her NXT debut on December 28, 2021 and was immediately earmarked as one of the future stars of the NXT 2.0 women’s division. She was presented as a tennis star who was also a “Daddy’s Girl”, using her fathers money to showcase her perceived wealth and show herself as better than the other women in the division.

She is a fan favourite, despite the fact that she is a heel. Her character has continuously been one of the most entertaining in the promotion and her Mean Girls-esque character has really resonated with the NXT crowd. In particular, her feud with Wendy Choo has been a real bright spark in NXT, but her push came to a rapid end when she was absent on NXT TV for a number of months.

She last wrestled in a “Lights Out” match on NXT against Wendy Choo in August 2022 and her absence has been mentioned very little since. Luckily for fans interested in Tiffany Stratton, a number of wrestling journalists have provided an updated on her condition and revealed a potentially dangerous head injury that has kept her out of the ring.

According to reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, she suffered a head injury in her match against Wendy Choo which has kept her out of action for nearly two months. In the latest edition of the Newsletter, WON wrote;

Tiffany Stratton has been out of action with a head injury from her TV match with Wendy Choo

Fightful Select, another trusted source with all matters wrestling, also confirmed that she was suffering with an injury, although they did not mention that it was a head injury.

Tiffany Stratton has been dealing with an injury of late, which is why she’s been out of action.

It was not mentioned what her injury was – only that it concerned matters of the head – and is likely a concussion issue more than anything. Due to their potential severity, WWE takes concussions very seriously and will not keep her out of the ring unless it is clear she is safe to compete once again.

Wrestlers like Daniel Bryan were previously forced to retire due to concussion complications, so it’s clear WWE are taking all precautions before clearing her. The seriousness in which they take concussion stems from the Chris Benoit tragedy, where he killed his wife and his son before turning on himself.

Hopefully it wont be long until Tiffany Stratton returns to NXT, as she has a huge future in the company. She may not be the best in-ring worker so far, but at only 23 years of age she has literally decades to improve and could be a future WWE Women’s Champion on the main roster if she continues to improve the level she already is.

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